Katie and Tom

Katie's Proposal in Long Beach, New York

While home in New York to attend Katie’s Masters Graduation, we decided to head down to the beach, Katie’s favorite place. We made a huge move from Long Island down to Dallas, Texas for Tom to continue advancing in his company, so going to the beach is something Katie misses all of the time. It was also where we spent time on first date. It was a gorgeous, 90 degree day and we wanted to take advantage of it! We went to Long Beach and after beginning to walk the boardwalk, we decided to head down to the water. As we were walking along the waters edge, we began to take pictures and enjoy the views. After some time, Katie said to Tom, “Let’s head back to the boardwalk.” As she turned her back to the ocean, she noticed that people were pointing in their direction, and some began to clap and whistle. Immediately wondering if there was something swimming in the ocean, she turned back around to get a look. Tom was on his knee and as he opened up the ring box, he said “Katie Risolo, will you marry me?” Of course she said yes!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Long Beach, New York