Katie and Tim

Katie and Tim Brundige,'s Engagement in Oahu, Hawaii

How We Met

Tim and I met 16 years ago volunteering at a camp for kids & adults with special needs. Tim was actually the first person I met there! I was a junior in high school and had signed up to volunteer. I pulled up to a crowd of cheering people dressed in costumes and making so much noise! I told someone my name and Tim walked over, introducing himself as my team leader! He led the team throughout the week, cheering and supporting as we partnered 1 on 1 with our camper. I remember him being so nice, loved by everyone and incredibly loud…he does NOT know how to talk quietly!

Six years ago, my business partner and I, who had taken over the camp as directors 4 years prior, decided it was time to make the camp it’s own non profit. We began our venture as owners of a non profit summer camp called RAD Camp. Tim had been away for a few years, but two years ago signed up to come back as a volunteer counselor. Although he had asked me out a few times before, I had never thought of him as a potential boyfriend. But when he returned this time around, something was different. I wanted to be around him, was constantly trying to talk to him and was looking for reasons to have to be around him and his camper. He was so good with the campers and that was extremely attractive. We began texting after camp and went out on a date a few weeks later. I knew something big was about to happen as that was the best first date I’ve ever been on. Three weeks later we held our kids camp, where Tim came to help volunteer again (even though he had never volunteered with the kids before). I remember looking out at the crowd on closing ceremonies and seeing him in the back of the room. I had a feeling at that moment I was looking at my future husband. I’ll never forget that moment.

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how they asked

My brother is a marine, based in Oahu. He is being deployed before the holidays so we traveled out as a family to see him & his wife and son. Every day we celebrated a different holiday that he would be missing. Birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas where all celebrated! The morning of the proposal was “Christmas” in Hawaii. I was upstairs getting ready for the day when I heard (remember I said Tim talks loudly) Tim asking my brother permission to marry me and asking to use Johnny, my little nephew, to help. I freaked out! I was wearing no makeup, had my hair in a messy bun & was wearing workout clothes. I immediately tried to pull myself together. It was the last day of the trip so all my clothes were dirty & I didn’t have enough time to shower, but I threw on my one clean dress, put on some makeup and tried to brush my hair.

I went downstairs and was SO awkward. I couldn’t talk to anyone and quietly sat on the far side of the room by myself…I didn’t know how to act all of a sudden! We started opening presents and Tim threw two shirts to my sisters in law that said they where the 3 best friends (an inside joke of theirs as they are all the in-laws in the family). He also threw my brother a shirt and said to put it on Johnny. My brother put the shirt on Johnny and turned him around so I could see it. It said “Ring-Bear”.

Then Tim handed Johnny a little red box and asked him to give it to Aunt Katie. Johnny brought it over to me, but half way over got distracted and started running out of the room!! My brother grabbed him and carried him over to me. I opened the box, hands shaking terribly, and there was a note inside – no ring. Tim always joked with me that we would get engaged in 6 years – he told everyone that since he was such a bachelor. The note said “maybe in 6 years there will be a ring in here”. I looked at him not sure if I should kill him or what! He then asked, do I want the ring right now instead? After responding yes, he got down on one knew and said “Every day really is better than the last. I love you. Will you marry me?” I of course said yes! He put the ring on the wrong hand, and we kissed! After moving the ring over, I looked down at the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. I was absolutely in love!!!

We left my brothers house, after finishing Christmas, and went to the most beautiful restaurant for a celebratory dinner and engagement photo session! :)