Katie and Tevin

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How We Met

Tevin and I met as students at the University of Virginia. He, in a capella group (The Hullabahoos) and me, on the dance team, shared mutual friends and spent many years in each other’s circles. It wasn’t until beach week our 4th year, that our friendship began. After a year of friendship (sorry, Tev!), I finally realized the amazingness that was standing before me. It took some convincing, but eventually, he agreed to go on a date with me. And the rest was history.

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In the 4 years, we’ve been together, we spent years doing long distances – filling our weekends with planes, trains, and cars, and eventually settled into Washington DC and adopted our labradoodle, Bennett. Tevin [FINALLY] proposed one month ago in Savannah, GA, on our first vacation since Covid. He is everything I’ve ever dreamed of (and 1000x more), and I am the luckiest human alive that I get to marry him and spend forever chasing adventures.

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How They Asked

Backstory: Tevin wrote a book (yes, a BOOK) telling the story of our love—from the time we grew close at beach week (bless Myrtle 2016), to dating, traveling, moving in and adopting Bennett, all the way to our trip to Savannah. He titled it “The Perfect Rhythm.” He even had an artist illustrate the book. From there, he had various family members/friends who were part of our story read a page of the book and submit videos, which were compiled by my sister, Hannah. Meanwhile, my mom hid the ring under her bed so i couldn’t snoop for it.

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Fast forward to now: Tevin planned our first vacation post-covid and chose Savannah, GA. He had been there before and knew I would absolutely love it. On our first day in Savannah, while I was napping, Tevin snuck out of our hotel room to go set up his proposal. He called me to wake me up (and again 6 more times because my phone is always on silent) and told me to check my email. In my email, I find a link to a video. I open it, to find some of the most important people (and dogs) in our lives telling the story of our love, as written by Tevin. As soon as I realize what was happening, I shot out of bed and threw on clothes (which Tevin had ironed and set aside for me, bless) and met him at the fountain at Forsyth Park, per the instructions in the video.

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I walk/skip to the fountain, where he’s waiting with a photographer, rose petals, letters that spell “Marry Me” and a crowd of random people who, at this point, were invested. He proposes and I say, “ummmmm…..YES!” followed by, “ARE YOU SURE?!” We took photos all around the park until Tevin said, “Alright we have to leave.” He scurries us two blocks away where a horse-drawn carriage is waiting to take us on a tour of the beautiful city that now has such a special place in our hearts.

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It was the most magical, thoughtful, beautiful proposal, better than I ever could’ve pictured or Pinterest boarded. I have this beautiful book (that we can print for our kids one day) that tells our story. Best of all, I get to spend forever with the love of my life.

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Special Thanks

Miranda Osborn
 | Photographer
Daniel Naranjo
 | Book Illustration
James Allen
 | Ring