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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

How We Met

We both used to work at the store, Barneys, but didn’t know each other too well. It wasn’t until about a year of working together that he noticed I was working on some fashion school projects in the break room and asked if I would alter some men’s clothing items for a clothing line him and his friends were working on called The Livery. Of course, I did, and during this process, we exchanged numbers, talked about fashion, music etc. and had a lot in common! Although it was strictly professional on his part! A week after we connected about this, he told me he had just put his two-week notice in at Barneys, so I was a little bummed that I wouldn’t get the opportunity to see him every day because at this point I developed a major crush on him!

So he left to go work at the store, Lanvin, and I hadn’t heard much from him. About a month later, he strolled into Barneys wearing a gorgeously tailored new Lanvin suit from his job looking super handsome and told me his friends were working on a clothing booth at this outdoor food and streetwear festival in Las Vegas called Vegas StrEATS and asked if I wanted to bring some women’s clothing items and jewelry that I make to make their booth more female-friendly (they only made men’s items). So, of course, I saw this as my golden opportunity to impress him and get us talking on a more personal level!

The art show was about 3 weeks from that point, so I worked day and night after work distressing shorts, sewing patches, and wire wrapping jewelry!

The day of the art show we were very successful and busy which was great, but I was a bit bummed because we didn’t have an opportunity to talk very much. At the end of the night, we all got together to take a group photo and this is it! I leaned up against him and he grabbed my leg! It was only at this point did I know that he was into me back (we are in the upper right corner). This is technically our first photo together!

We just celebrated our 6 year anniversary together, we now live in LA where I am working at a fashion company called Vince, and he just finished his bachelors and is studying for his LSAT test to get into law school!

how they asked

Mid-April I was visiting my twin sister in San Diego, and she told me that her friend bailed on her for a non-refundable trip to Mexico, so obviously as a good sister I was willing to step in! She decided this was a good opportunity for us to take a sister trip and take lots of “twin” photos, so we should both get our hair done, nails, and spray tan.. naturally! I literally almost bought us #twinning matching tees!

katie and Terrence's Engagement in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

What I didn’t know was that Terrence and Molly had it planned the whole time! So Molly and I get to Cancun, and that night she wanted to go out to downtown to Playa Del Carmen, so we got dressed up, went to dinner and at the end of dinner I heard this voice and I look up and it’s Terrence and his best friend Josh! I was so stunned, my first question was, “What are you doing here? When did you get here? When did you get your passport (he had never left the country)?!? I was so disoriented, he was the last person I was expecting to see!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

So we all left the restaurant and were walking down the beach, and that’s when he got down on one knee!

So we all spent the next 4 days in Mexico together (Terrence brought his best friend Josh to keep my sister company so she wasn’t the third wheel!), and I got to celebrate with my fiance and twin-sister who is my best friend in the whole world!! These are some photos from our amazing Mexico trip!

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