Katie and Tanner

How They Asked

So for a little backstory, my boyfriend and I have been planning to come down from Utah to my parents home in Southern California for Labor Day for a while and I have brought up a few times that we need more cute pictures together and that we should go dress nice when we go out for dinner every now and then as well.

Stephanie, my sister, had previously taken some cute pictures of us while we were there 2 years ago, so Tanner suggested having her do that again this time on the beach.
So the plan originally was for us to fly in Thursday and have Steph take pics of us on Friday night. However, later on before we actually flew out Steph texted me saying that her plans with her boyfriend changed and that she couldn’t do Friday anymore, but still would still take pictures on Saturday night instead. So I was like okay, cool. Tanner and I talked about having a sort of date night where we go to laguna and go to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner and then get gelato after, and have this be one of the date nights we dress nice for. So we planned on doing that Friday night since now the picture plans were switched to Saturday. So Tanner and I went to get dinner at Urth Caffé on Friday. Then after dinner, he was like “I’m a little full right now, how about we walk along the beach before going to get gelato?” and I thought that was a reasonable thought, so I didn’t think anything of it.

Katie's Proposal in Laguna Beach, CA

He had a specific beach in mind to propose at (Shaw’s Cove), but he said for us to walk at Crescent Beach (which is right next to Shaw’s Cove). Tanner had been to Crescent Beach with his family before, but not anywhere else in Laguna, so it didn’t throw me off that he wanted to walk at that specific place, and it didn’t throw me off that he parked further away than right next to Crescent Beach as well. So we were walking to Crescent, and on our way passed Shaw’s Cove. Tanner was like “I haven’t been here before, wanna check it out?” And I was all for it cause the walkway down to it looked cool. So we walked on the beach, he took a few pictures of me and we walked to the other side, took a picture and then proposed. It was truly one of the best moments of my life. We both said that we completely forgot we were at a crowded beach, and at that moment it was just us. He did the whole thing and said that the photographer he and my parents hired was right behind us to capture the moment and have a photoshoot with us afterward. The photoshoot with Stephanie ended up being all fake and she didn’t actually have plans with her boyfriend that night.

Katie and Tanner's Engagement in Laguna Beach, CA

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