Katie and Steven

how we met

Steven’s cousin is one of my really good friends and so we connected through her and through social media then one night I was locally out and about with some friends and I invited him and he showed up and the rest was history!

how they asked

I mentioned a few proposal ideas and let him ultimately decide which to pick. It would have been a surprise but one morning in bed the helicopter company called him and his volume was all the way up. I didn’t let that call disappoint me though.

I was so excited to wake up next to him. I knew today something special was going to happen for us. I overheard him talking with a venue a couple days prior and I was pretty certain that he was proposing! I know it was supposed to be a surprise BUT his phone volume was so loud while I was laying next to him I couldn’t not listen from excitement! It’s not the typical proposal story where the girl is clueless, but its our story and I think its perfect. Since I knew it was coming I bought a gorgeous gown. My favorite color, pink. I also encouraged him too go all out and get his suit tailored since this was a big moment for us. He told me to be ready by 4:00 o’clock because he had something special planned. After getting all dressed up we got in the car to go. When we arrive at our first destination there is a helicopter waiting for us!! Neither of us had ever taken a helicopter ride. Anticipation was building, and I could tell he was nervous. Palms sweating and everything. I couldn’t tell if it was because we were going to be flying on most likely the windiest day of the year, or fear that I might say no! If he knew how special he makes me feel he would have known I was so excited to say HELL YES to forever with him. We watched the sun set over the city of Atlanta as we approach a helipad with the most insane view. We land and get out of the helicopter. He takes my hands. I am giggling from such excitement. The wind is so strong my dress was hugging my body so tight, and my hair was going everywhere! We didn’t care. This was it. This was our moment. He professed his love to me, and with joy he popped the big question. “Will you marry me, Katie?” Of course I screamed “I LOVE YOU, YES!” We had a mini photo shoot to celebrate our moment and afterward we road off into the night sky overlooking Atlanta once more. Only this time we were riding off together as a newly engaged couple!

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