Katie and Steve

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How We Met

January 2011, my best friend and I were meeting her then boyfriend and his friends at the south Florida fair , little did I know I would meet my future husband that same night.We had talked a little that night but I had no real interest at the time it was until 8 months later that he caught my eye in a way that was life changing. We ran into each other at a local sandbar boating with my friends one day, so I had told my best friend how cute I thought he was and she told her then boyfriend( who happens to be Steve best friend) , she had him come over to their house without me knowing ever since that night we hit it off and has been inseparable since . Almost 5 years later and I’m so lucky to call him my best friend and future husband.

how they asked

Steves father lives in New York City so we planned a trip to visit in December right before the holidays along with his sister and her boyfriend. We were so excited about an actual vacation since it had been forever since we had taken one. So Friday morning December 18th 2015, we arrived early in the morning at Newark airport , his dad had sent a car to the airport to pick Steve, his sister Lauren and her boyfriend and I . We arrive to our hotel to have lunch , somehow everyone seemed to scatter after lunch with some excuse of having something to do or somewhere to go. Me being slightly annoyed wanting to explore the city on our first day , meanwhile Steve was laying down on the couch trying to nap after an hour or so he decides we should explore Central Park since we were staying right down the street. We were walking down the street , multiple people came up to us trying to get us to go on a horse and carriage ride and he denied leaving me confused as I was under the impression that’s what we were doing.Little did I know that he had already had a horse and carriage waiting for us at the entrance to the park. We get to the entrance and get in the carriage the driver brings us through the park and stops in front of a fountain and told us to get out for a good photo op. We walked down the hill to the famous “Bow Bridge” he goes to the middle of the bridge where there was the least amount of people and before i I knew what was happening my best friend was down on one knee telling how much loves me with the most beautifully stunning ring I’ve ever seen asking me to marry him. As if this isn’t a shock enough , I look over the bridge favorite people in the world my sister and his sister come running over the bridge , me thinking the whole time her, her husband and my niece were on vacation in Tennessee. Then on top of that I turn around and find out he had a hidden photographer the whole time that just captured our fairytale proposal. Talk about a trip of a lifetime, we got to celebrate and spend the entire weekend celebrating with the people who mean the most!

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