Katie and Skyler

How We Met: I was working at Capriz in Myrtle Beach, and in walks Skyler with one of our mutual friends (thank you, Wooters!). Don’t kill me for being such a cliche, but the moment I saw him, I knew that I was going to marry him. I even told everyone right away that he was going to be mine. So naturally, with all of these premonitions about our future together, I did the only rational thing and asked him if he’d peed his pants (he was wearing a wet bathing suit). We joked and laughed and by the time he left, I was obsessed. As he walked out the door, he screamed “I love you, Katie!” to the whole restaurant. I knew that he didn’t know it yet, but he would be saying that many, MANY more times.

For the next week, I told everyone about “my boyfriend Skyler”, and joked (kinda) about how we were going to get married. One night I was out with all of the ladies who had been hearing about my crush for days, and we ran into one of Skyler’s best friends (thanks, MAW). One of the girls I was with dared me to tell him that I was Skyler’s girlfriend, and with the amount of liquid courage I had already ingested, I did it (thanks again, MAW).

Bride's Proposal in piedmont, sc

He was obviously so confused because he knew that I was full of it, so he suggested we call Skyler and ask him about that. I was thrilled at the opportunity to talk to him again (and I was completely inebriated), so I was all for it. We called, I took the phone and told Skyler how I loved him and thought he was so sweet and attractive and all the things your typical stalker says after a week of being deprived from their loved one.

Apparently this approach worked, and the next morning (mid-hangover) I got a text from a Greenville number saying that I had made his night and he would be back at Coastal in a week and would love to hang out. The rest is a crazy on, then off, then on-forever kind of thing that movies are written about.

how they asked: I had been working crazy hours at a new job, and we hadn’t been spending as much time together as we were used to. Skyler suggested that we go out one night and asked that I get off of work early so that we could have all night. I had been hinting (with about as much subtlety as an atomic bomb) that I was all but ready to walk down the aisle by myself, so I was hoping and praying that this was The Day. So I get home and I’m primping and getting ready to go to dinner and he comes into the bathroom with two blindfolds. (He bought two and let me pick one that went with my outfit, hahaha.) At this point, I knew it was coming.

He put the blindfold on me, and we got in the car. I was using my limited sense of navigation to try and “feel” where we were going, but he thought ahead and went down crazy backroads so I was completely confused. We finally got to our mystery destination, and he came around and opened my door. I could feel grass and water, and I knew where we were immediately.

The first weekend that Skyler took me home to meet him family, he took me to a little creek behind his grandparents’ house. I had always told him that his little, baby creek was where I fell in love with him, and it’s true! (When we left that creek the first time he took me there, I immediately texted my friend, “I’m in big trouble. I love him.”)

Once I got to take off the blindfold, I could just look around at this place where we had been so many times, and repeat, “It’s our creek! Skyler we’re at our creek!” He shut me up when he pulled out a ring box, and down on one knee, he asked me to be his wife. Full disclosure: I don’t remember a word he said. I don’t even remember saying yes. I realized this mid-photo sesh and cleared up any confusion with a definite YES, so we’re good now.





Photos by: Elvia Resendiz

Video by: Daniel Resendiz