Katie and Shawn

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How We Met

I can vividly remember sitting in the Dunkin’ Donuts drive thru in Homestead, listening to DVE awaiting the Coffee House performance. It was a Friday morning and the first time I heard Paul Luc’s music. They mentioned that he would be playing the next day as part of the Strip District Music Fest. I texted some friends, told them I think this is the perfect thing to do tomorrow, and luckily they all agreed. We got to the Pittsburgh Winery early the next day — it was January, but weirdly warm. We saw so many amazing musicians that day — Paul, Wolves in Sheeps Clothing, and Clinton Clegg from this new band “The Commonheart.” We immediately started a list of bands we needed to see — Clinton was on that list. It was perfect timing because The Commonheart was set to have a release show the next week.

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That Friday we had some pre-show drinks at Urban Tap then walked over to Club Cafe. We got in a little past show time, and it was SO packed we pretty much stood next to the door because we couldn’t move. Randy and Bill from the DVE Morning Show were right behind us. We got to talking and after the show walked over to Jack’s to have some drinks with them. There is actually a picture of that night and you can see me in it — bun in and wearing a fringe feather shirt. That was the first night I kind of talked to Shawn. It was more of me saying “awesome job” in his general direction, followed by a shot brought over to our table by Clinton.

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Groundhog’s Day was a few days later — I saw somewhere that Paul would be playing at Harris Grill for their annual Groundhog’s Day party, so we decided to go. We were standing at the bar and Kate goes “Oh there’s the singer and drummer of The Commonheart!” and she immediately waves. They walk over to us, we start talking, and we stayed together all night. I remember thinking “that drummer really talks a lot, but that’s okay because he’s pretty funny.” We ventured outside in the cold, got a groundhog hat that my mom now has and wears at school, saw Father Time walking around, and attempted to hold our beers without having our hands freeze. Sometime in the next couple days I got a friend request from both Clinton and Shawn. I text Kate and Brit saying, “these guys somehow found me on Facebook, I don’t remember telling them my last name …” Next thing you know Shawn is messaging me making sure we bought tickets to their next show at the Winery because there were only a few left.

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Looking back at the messages is one of our favorite things to do — lots of smiley emojis and exclamation points. The night of the show we walked in to the Winery, Shawn saw us right away and walked over to the bar and gave me a big hug. He sat with us before the show, making us all laugh. When he got on stage to play I remember getting nervous, like do I look at him while he’s playing? Do I smile? Do I just look in the middle at Clinton? Then Brit kept telling me “Shawn keeps staring at you!” which did not make my nerves better. Cue more wine. The show was awesome, we said our goodbyes, and that’s where it gets a little blurry for me. I think I made him take my number, or I made him give me his number — either way we were texting soon after I left. I told him we were at Milanos and that he should come there. He never answered. I was sitting at the bar, eating a sausage and green pepper pizza all by myself, when I feel someone behind me. It was Shawn.

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He just recently told me that I never even offered him a piece of my large pizza I was eating. He clearly didn’t care though because he still smooched me while we were sitting there. The next day was Valentines Day — my old boss was playing The Winery that night, and I told him I would help sell merch. Shawn pretty much invited himself to come, so I asked Bill to get him on the guest list. I got there before the show to set up, and managed to drink a bottle of wine before Shawn even got there. The night was perfect, with the exception of me making Bill worry that I drank too much wine. It’s cheesy I know, but music really did bring us together. Since that night we’ve pretty much been together every day since.

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how they asked

I thought it was just a normal Friday. Our furnace hadn’t been working right, so on my way home I stopped to pick up a new carbon monoxide detector. I was sitting in our bedroom trying to program it when Shawn came in and asked me to come out in to the living room. I told him to hold on, I needed to figure this out. He said “please babe, come out here just for a second I want to show you something”. I came back with “help me get this on and I’ll come out.” He told me later than in his head he was thinking “put the thing down and get out here you won’t care about that in two seconds!” So I walked out in to the living room, comfy sweatshirt on, a fresh messy bun, and sat down on the chair. I was completely clueless. He had a tripod set up with his phone on it, and I swear I didn’t think a thing of it.

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We had been talking about getting another dog, and fell in love with this St. Bernard we named Benny. We had visited him a couple times, and that week found out he found his forever home — a bittersweet moment for us! So there I am sitting and staring at this huge box. Our dog Ellie was sniffing around and I was thinking there has to be an animal in here. He said “I know it’s not the right time for Benny, but I think this will be a good substitute.” I was so nervous, but honestly had zero thought that an engagement ring was coming.

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I opened the box, and this cute stuffed St. Bernard was in a basket in the box. He had his own collar with his very own Benny name tag. I’m just thinking this is so cute and sweet, and expected nothing more. He said “Look at his address” and on the other side it said “Will you marry me?”

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Cue the waterworks. We hung out just us for a bit, then I wanted to FaceTime my mom. She told me earlier that day that she was meeting friends out at a restaurant near her house. She was so excited and asked if we would please come there so she can see us.

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Shawn’s mom was in from Bermuda (his parents live there!) and we “had plans” to go to dinner with her. So I told my mom we would stop on our way to meet her for dinner. We get to the restaurant, I can’t find her. Shawn is leading me to the banquet room — and again I’m completely clueless.

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He opens the door and ALL of our friends and family were there. It was so perfect. Being that he is a musician he has a lot of super talented friends — they set up a PA and took turns singing some of our favorite songs.

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There were donuts (my favorite), rock candy, and all of our favorite people. I don’t think I slept more than an hour that night I was just in shock and complete happiness.

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He, along with my mom, sister, aunt, and close friends did such an amazing job planning this whole thing and making it one of the best nights of my life.

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