Katie and Seth

The week leading up to Saturday, March 11, 2017, I was preparing to give away the title of Miss UAFS. This pageant meant so much to me, not only because I got to represent a University that I love so much as Miss UAFS 2016, but also because it provided me with numerous scholarships to finish my college education and opportunities to practice interview skills and poise to take on the very real adult world. A proposal was the furthest thought from my mind while I practiced my talent to present to a 1,000 member audience for one last time. When Saturday finally arrived, it was extremely busy, yet extremely memorable. I rushed back and forth from my apartment to the auditorium to help with the contestants interviews and other duties that come along with passing down a crown.

As the evening came, I finally got to sit down with Seth for a very special dinner before the production with all of the special guests, such as the reigning Miss Arkansas and Miss America, the chancellor and his wife, the Miss UAFS director, my family, and everyone else who makes the night run smoothly. He is pretty sly, because while we sat, ate, and listened to speakers, I suspected nothing. He even blew out a tire on his way, and so for a moment his mind was probably somewhere else trying to figure out what to do with his car that was not even a few miles away from the venue (so close, but so far….also an accurate depiction of his luck.) Fast forward a few hours, after all the contestants performed and walked in their evening gowns, it was time for me to say my farewell to the title. Walking on stage, I knew I would be crying thankful tears, but had no idea what was to happen in a few short minutes. My parents came up to present me with flowers and hugs, and I noticed Seth lingered away for just a few moments instead of walking up with them. Finally, after my parents started to walk away, he came forward and gave me flowers.

He hugged me and whispered, “you know that I love you so much.” As we started to separate, he knew exactly what he was doing because for a split second, he backed away and just looked at me. My nerves were so tense because I had thought about this moment before, but he never showed signs that he was nervous about anything and I can usually read his emotions like a book. I saw him bend his knee, and then I knew. He got down on one knee, and I could barely hear what he said. I think the audience roared much louder than I could have ever expected, and I will be honest, it felt really good to hear them supporting us as a couple. I still think Seth is absolutely perfect for planning it out in such a way where he knew I wouldn’t be thinking about or planning on a proposal. Plus, huge bonus points for him, because he knew that my nails would be done and my hair would be fixed, and really, what more could a girl ask for in such a memorable moment.

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