Katie and Sean

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how they asked – by Sean: I took Katie up to my family’s cabin with the most perfect idea for a proposal. This is our special place we go when we need to get away from the crazy world. I wanted it to be at sunset, with a glass of wine, and her totally not expecting it. Being a wedding videographer, I had to capture this moment perfectly. I told her I was taking a time lapse of the sunset as I normally do every night at the lake, so she had no idea I was setting up to capture one of the biggest moments of our lives thus far. I had a gopro set up for video and a camera on tripod for the photos. As you can see by the picture, it could not have been more perfect. I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. The town was dead, I think we may have been the only ones there, and we had the lake to ourselves. I planned this out for months, and had the ring for about a month ahead of time. I wanted to wait until it started snowing, but of course this drought in California means no snow.

We drove back home the next day on Sunday and little did she know I had her whole family and friends from all over California come into town for a surprise welcome home party. It was the best weekend. We then went back to the lake a few weeks later and it was completely frozen so we could not miss that photo-op.

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Photography by Kurtela Video Productions