Katie and Scott

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How We Met

Scott & Katie met during an internship in Iowa City during the summer of 2010. They spent the summer working together and getting to know each other with the rest of the interns. Scott’s initial thought of Katie was, “This is the kind of girl I want to marry someday.” Katie’s initial thought of Scott was, “I can’t be around somebody who is that confident in themselves (besides myself).” However, throughout the summer their acquaintance grew into a great friendship.

Over the next 3 years, Scott & Katie kept in touch with occasional phone calls and texts. Katie always knew there was something special about Scott. He always popped into her mind when she needed advice or was sending out Christmas cards.

In October 2012, Scott came to visit Iowa City to tailgate for a weekend. It was then that Katie realized how relaxed and fun she was when around Scott. They began to keep in touch more frequently following that weekend. Scott sent Katie a Stella glass for Christmas that year (Katie’s favorite beer)… and Katie didn’t send Scott a gift.

In February 2013, Katie made the 4 hour drive down to St. Louis for a weekend to visit Scott and experience the city – both of them not knowing what to expect. The weekend began with Scott nonchalantly handing Katie an unwrapped Valentine’s Day gift… and (once again) Katie didn’t get Scott a gift. Dinner & drinks at Square One Brewery followed where the conversation and laughter didn’t stop for 3 hours. It was during this dinner that they both knew their friendship had become something more.

Throughout the next year and half, Scott & Katie made trip after trip from St. Louis to Iowa City and Iowa City to St. Louis. They were able to spend a lot of time with each other’s families and friends where they both fit in perfectly, and their love for each other continued to grow.

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how they asked

Before getting into the story, there are a few characteristics of Scott & Katie that are important to understand. First, Scott is a procrastinator and lives spontaneously. Katie is intuitive and has always been able to catch on to any surprises Scott has planned.

Late in the month of May in 2014, Scott was golfing with his oldest brother, Matt, in St. Louis. As Matt went to tee off on the 3rd hole, Scott said, “I bought a ring yesterday for Katie. I think I’m going to propose this weekend.” Matt froze mid-swing. “This has to be the fastest decision Scott has ever made,” Matt said later in a speech during the wedding. Matt asked how he would do it since he had to work this weekend. Scott replied he didn’t really have a plan but “would figure it out by Friday”.

A few days later in Iowa City, Katie was getting ready to have a Saturday night dinner with Scott’s other brother and his wife, Tom and Kate. They only lived a mile away and dinner together was a regular occurrence. Scott’s parents had been planning to come into town that weekend as well, but Scot was stuck in St. Louis working. However, when Katie walked into the house, Scott was standing in the doorway with a bouquet of flowers and a ring. Scott got down on one knee and proposed, and everything about it was perfect (even though it was in a kitchen).

After Katie said yes and called her family 100 times with no luck, Scott said he had a special dinner planned. As they headed downtown, Scott led Katie up to the 3rd floor of Clinton Street Social Club where both of their families were waiting to celebrate. It was so special that both immediate families came together to celebrate this moment with Katie and Scott.

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