Katie and Scott

How We Met

Katie and Scott met in 11th-grade chemistry class! After a friend pointed out a cute guy in a football jersey at the beginning of the school year, Katie started to notice him every day. She had to go out of her way to meet Scott, since he was super quiet!

Scott was Katie’s first boyfriend, and the only boy she ever introduced to her parents. When they first started dating Scott was so quiet at the time, and so sweet in comparison to Katie’s loud and outgoing personality. (I can really relate here — my wife, Jasmine, definitely provides enough extroversion for the both of us!) Katie says she and Scott complemented each other in all the best ways as they were dating (they stuck through six years of long-distance, too!) and they always had so much fun together.

How They Asked

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, Scott had to re-do his proposal plans a few times, but he eventually landed on a surprise dinner for Katie. After asking her to get all dressed up to go out, he took her to Lincoln Park, where he’d set up a beautiful picnic under the iconic Honeycomb sculpture that commands an impressive view of the Chicago skyline.

Scott thought of all the little details when he proposed! He had their picnic perfectly set up under the Honeycomb with flowers, champagne, and some snacks…and most importantly, their fur baby, Niko the pomeranian!

Katie says Scott’s Chicago proposal was very poetic since they started their lives together in the Windy City after going long distance for six years!


Special Thanks

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