Katie and Scott

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How We Met

We met the year of 2006 in Gold’s Gym, Columbia MO. I signed up for a free month trial with a personal trainer. Scott was a personal trainer there. I was not assigned to him but he did train me a couple of times. He mostly helped relieve me from my trainer who hit on me all the time. Scott and I became FaceBook friends and would see each other out on the weekends very sporadicly. Purely plutonic, service level chat. Scott and I reconnected in 2014. He had opened his own gym and I had heard how great it was and the progress he was making with people. I decided to book a consult with him as I was having some digestive issues and such. He gave me some tips which helped and life got in the way and I knew I needed to be more serious about my health and fitness, so I signed up for his Fit Female classes in January 2015. He was my trainer, we talked about food, digestion, poop, and he measured my body fat. There wasn’t even the thought that he might like me. End of May, he had asked me to go to lunch after my yoga class… I accepted and then it never ended.

how they asked

Scott had an opportunity to go to New Zealand for a business conference. New Zealand being on one of my top places to go, I tagged along. We got there on a Sunday (NZ time) and explored the city a bit. The conference wasn’t starting until Tuesday. Scott told me the only plans we had were lunch with the people running the conference on Monday and I needed to plan the rest. I planned a sunrise hike Monday morning. The views were amazing along with the sunrise. We headed back down the mountain, showered, and got ready for lunch. I was hungry. We walked to the hotel where we were meeting everyone and waited a little bit. Scott disappeared for a few minutes as I hurried to get some wifi. He comes back and says our ride is here. I was confused. Nate was missing and I kept asking where he was and Scott wouldn’t tell me. haha. I thought we were eating lunch in town.But, I obeyed and got in the car. He handed me a dramamine. More confused. haha. I took it since I was in the backseat of a car and didn’t know how far of a drive we had. Our driver takes us through the gorgeous NZ back roads and talks about the land. We pull up the airport and I said, “Are you sending me home already?!?” Scott laughed. We pulled into the helicopter parking lot and our driver said, “Have a great time”. I said, “We are going in a helicopter?!?” We both had not been on one. So I was excited and nervous. He said, “That’s what the dramamine is for”. So we sign papers and got in the heli. The ride was about 5 minutes to the mountain across from Queenstown. The views were amazing. The pilot helped us out and handed us some picnic baskets and said he will be back in 2 hours to get us. Surprisingly, I was pretty present and not thinking too much into anything. We set up our picnic on the flattest rock we could find and laughed about falling down the mountain. When I got all the food set up nicely and took some pics, I asked if we could get one together before we devoured the food. I was really hungry at this point. Scott set up his tripod so we both could be in it without an awkward selfie angle. Before I knew it, he came over to me with a box and went down on his knee. He had to ask if I wanted to stand which was hard on the rock we were on, but I awkwardly did. I started laughing so I wouldn’t cry as he said he loved me and asked me to marry him. I said, “YES”. Then he handed me flowers from the picnic basket. That was the first time he had ever given me flowers too! haha. We ate the food, champagne, and played on the mountain a little bit before our pilot came back. It was truly magical.

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