Katie and Sam

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How We Met

Sam and I met through mutual friends. We had an instant connection and spark, and we were basically inseparable since we met! Not long after meeting though, Sam was deployed. We spoke and video chatted daily and we knew we never wanted to be apart again. He returned from his deployment, moved in, and the rest is history!

How They Asked

On April 16, 2020, our baby boy was born unexpectedly at 26 weeks. So, 2020 was quite a rollercoaster for us. We were determined that every year after was going to be full of joyous and exciting moments for our little family. As our baby boy was nearing 1, we were planning his birthday. Sam wanted to be in charge of arranging the lunch aspect with the family, which he kept a surprise from me (meanwhile, I was thinking “surprise” really meant he had not organized anything, so I was getting concerned!).

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So on April 16, 2021, our son turned 1. After opening gifts, I was informed of an appointment made with a makeup artist! A “make mummy feel the nice moment.” As we neared the city, Sam dropped me off with my family and he and our son went to find a parking spot. My brother-in-law started leading the way to the “surprise” lunch venue and we ended up at Pier One Syndey and were led up to a hotel room (where everyone but my brother-in-law had no idea what was going on. (And I was thinking Sam had gone to some extreme length for our son’s birthday lunch!!) The concierge knocked on the door before opening it and O..M..G! I couldn’t even believe what was going on. Sam was standing at the door holding our baby, my photo was being taken as I was led out to the most magical view I had ever seen. A big Igloo is full of flowers, greenery, cushions, fairy lights, candles, and a big sign that said: “Will you marry me?”

After the most beautiful words, Sam got down on one knee and asked me to marry him… YES!!!

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Followed by claps and cheers from his family! In the hours afterward, we had photos taken and the most amazing food whilst overlooking the Sydney Harbour. It was literally like a fairy tale and now I get to marry my prince.

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