Katie and Sam

How We Met

Sam and I met the summer after I graduated college in 2016. We both were at the same housewarming party for mutual friends of ours, however our paths didn’t cross until later in the afternoon. Sam had recently broken his ankle and was on crutches, but being the handy man that he is, built cup holders in his crutches so he could still party with the rest of us. It caught my attention and we sparked up a conversation. Being the gentleman Sam is, he slept in a chair the whole night while he let me sleep on the couch after coming home from the bars. The next morning when I woke up, my friend and I headed home without sharing our phone numbers or contact information. The next few weeks at work I talked with my friend Maggie, who was the host of the party we met at. She couldn’t have said sweeter things about him, but I was too scared to reach out first. Two weeks later, I received a DM from Sam saying “Hey I didn’t wanna dm you like a creep but I didn’t know how else to get ahold of you and I was thinking we should get together again soon while I still have my handicap sticker for the best parking spots!?” I giggled and happily sent him my number. We talked for a few weeks while Sam was away on a business trip, and went out for pizza for our first date when he got home. It must have been love at first slice, because we now own a home and have a precious furry son Oakley who will be Sams best man on our big day next August!

How They Asked

Earlier in the week I asked Sam what he wanted to do this weekend since we both had Saturday off he suggested we go hiking, I said oh okay sounds fun! Later in the week I asked where he wanted to go and he suggested this park out in Hemlock (about an hour away). We went there 3 years ago on one of our first dates. I thought it was kind of random to go all the way out there but whatever. I mentioned a park closer to our house, but he was adamant on going to the park in Hemlock. Saturday rolls around, I had practice in the morning until 10. I came home and he had breakfast made so we ate and relaxed for a bit. I asked him what time he wanted to go hiking and he told me around noon.

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I had to do some drawing homework so I sat on the couch and started working, but hated my work so I kept starting over (mind you, this is around 11 am). I finally gave up and decided to shower and get ready. Now I’m hungry. So I make myself lunch, taking my sweet time. Why would I need to rush were just going hiking right!? We leave the house around 12:30 and still have an hour drive there.

Katie's Proposal in Rochester, NY

I had a feeling it might happen so I checked my best friend’s location on find my friends but she wasn’t popping up. (She knew I would check and put her phone on airplane mode. Smart girl). We pull up to the main lookout spot and there’s a bunch of cars and people standing in the road and I was looking at them trying to see if I know anyone but I didn’t. I see the main tree and bench and there’s pictures wrapped around and a blanket on the bench. I was thinking, holy crap is this for me!? I tried looking at the pictures from far away but didn’t recognize any of them so I thought it was for someone else. We get our dog Oakley all ready to go and started walking towards the spot. That’s when I noticed one of the pictures on the tree is from a wedding we attended this summer and my stomach started flipping. This IS for me.

THIS IS HAPPENING. I started shaking and just nervous laughter. When we got to the front of the bench, Sam took my hands and got down on one knee asking me to be his wife. All of the people waiting on the side started cheering for us! Right after we were hugging and looking at the pictures on the tree and I asked when he had time to go and do all of this today!? He said my best friend Jess had been here for 2 hours WAITING FOR ME setting this all up. She ran out from the trees behind us and I cried. He had a photographer down the hill capturing it all. We were supposed to be there almost 2 hours earlier but my slow butt held everyone up- whoops! We went out to dinner with our families and friends later to celebrate. It was truly the greatest day and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

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Abby Esposito
 | Photographer