Katie and Ryan

How We Met: Our story, just like us, is rather unorthodox. We originally met back in elementary school because of how close our houses were from one another. We were in the same 5th grade class but were only vaguely aware of one another at the time.

Fast forward 4 years and we became friends in high school. After an extended period of awkwardness and shyly attempting to make the first move on both of our parts, we began dating on Valentines day of sophomore year. Feb. 14th, 2011.

We are now 4 years into the relationship and have been part of a Long-Distance relationship for a year and a half because we both attend college in different states.

how they asked: Like any good start to a marriage, it began with a lie. We had discussed the proposal for months leading up to the date and he had me convinced it would happen on Jan 5th (by saying it would be on the 5th). Then New Year’s Day comes around and he told me to wear something fancy and bring the engagement ring with me. I was confused at first, wondering if something was wrong and if the plans had gone awry. He reassured me nothing was wrong and once the surprise set in I started to tear up with happiness. He asked me in front of his Christmas tree while we were taking pictures. He said a lovely speech, although I do not remember half of it.

Then on the 5th (the original date) we went to the local park and took a beautiful series of engagement photos. With both days combined, and the fact that he still managed to surprise me, it was an amazing proposal and I look forward to sharing the rest of my life with him!

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