Katie and Ryan

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How We Met

I live up the block from our local pizza place, a favorite of everyone in town. That being said, of course the cutest boy (in my opinion) had worked there as well. I was 16 and he was 19. Every chance I got, I would invite my girls over and suggest we should go for walk. After they agreed, it was always followed by we should get pizza. It didn’t take long before they caught on to why I wanted to go there, Ryan worked there and I spent more time trying to get his attention then I did eating pizza. If my friends weren’t around I would ask my mom. We always requested the same table and I had to sit in the booth so I could stare at him (I promise it was cute not creepy!) Either way, it worked! After a few (longggg months) of weekly pizza dates Ryan finally suggest I should leave my number on a takeout menu. The rest, is history but 6 years later and he’s my forever!

how they asked

Ryan and I had spent the night in Montauk where we had a romantic dinner at the Inlet then watched the sunset and sat by a fire. After spending the last 6 years together, you can imagine my excitement as I had convinced myself, tonight IS the night! It has to be! Well, it was not. As upset as I was, I was still enjoying our night away from home and the laughter we share together with or without an engagement ring. The next morning we did what we usually do, walked the town of Montauk one more time and had breakfast before heading home.

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We got in the car to head home when Ryan then mentioned stopping at a winery on the way home, this is typical for us on our yearly Montauk getaway so I thought nothing of it. When we got to Macari Vineyards we went inside and did a small tasting followed by purchasing our favorite bottle of wine. Ryan suggested we find a table outside so we headed out to the back. As we came around the corner it happened, the moment I had waited my entire life for! I walked directly into a banner that read “Katie, Will you marry me?” and after I cleared by eyes from the tears I could not hold back I realized Ryan was on one knee!

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All of a sudden both our families appeared from no where and I finally was able to blurt the word YES out of my mouth!! Up until now, it has been the best moment of my life!! Until the wedding of course ;) A day I will never forget!

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