Katie and Russ

How We Met: Russ and I are from the same hometown. He’s 7 years older than me and we had never met. In December of 2011 Russ fulfilled his life goal and moved to Rhode Island. That same month I moved back to our home town after months of living abroad and traveling in Australia. March of 2012 I went to a st. Patrick’s day parade with one of my best friends, Cassandra.


Russ was there visiting with some of his friends for the weekend and ran into Cassandra and I, he had grown up in her neighborhood with her older sisters. She introduced us. He spent the whole day making me laugh. But, as we were leaving one of his friends asked for my number, I politely told him I didn’t give out my number and maybe I’d see him around sometime.

Later that night Russ found me on Facebook, eventually that week he asked me out on a date. Our first date was at a vineyard, it’s safe to say we were in love halfway through the first bottle. Just over a year later I picked up my life and moved to Rhode Island to be with him. A year and a half ago we bought our first house together, and last night he asked me to be his wife. I can’t thank Cassandra enough.

how they asked: Russ had booked us a Labor Day weekend getaway to Block Island. He works 80+ hours a week and I’m in nursing school full time so we both needed the time away together. Friday night I got home from my rotation at the hospital to Russ pacing in the kitchen. He poured me a glass of wine, kissed me and asked me if I wanted to dance. He had Sade’s “by your side” playing in the background.

As we danced, he proceeded to tell me all the reasons he was in love with me and why he knew we were soulmates. I had no suspicions at this point, this was something he did often (my romantic). He asked me what I knew about him and Christmas time. That’s when I knew. I said “that you can’t keep a surprise…” My eyes welled up with tears as he dropped to one knee and told me he had planned our block island trip to propose to me in the most romantic possible way but he couldn’t wait one more second to ask me to be his wife.


I said yes! A thousand times. It was more romantic than any proposal I could imagine.