Katie and Robert

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How We Met

They say you never find the love of your life in the bar. It was my 24th birthday and myself a couple friends went out for the night. My fiancé worked at the car we went to and a couple drinks later i said, he’s cute thats it I’m going for it. We exchanged numbers and a few days later we hung out for the Rangers stanley cup finals. The rest was history and 3 and half years later we’re engaged

how they asked

My fiancé Rob and I are big Mets fans and although we’ve been to Citi Field countless of times, we have never gone into the Hall of Fame. We walked into the Hall of Fame looking around at everything they had and walking along the wall I said to him “you know I never knew this player, who is he?” and I laughed and Rob looks at me and goes thats okay but do you want to hear something corny. Confused as ever I say okay. He goes down on one knee and says i love you with all my heart will you marry me? Of course yes!!! His cousin Kim video tapped the whole thing whole our friend Paul snapped photos. Being the only 4 and 2 security guards in the Hall of Fame made Rob real nervous, you could tell. Thank you Citi Field for being even more special to us then it ever was.