Katie and Phillip

Where to Propose in Our living room

How We Met

We met over ten years ago when I was a freshman in college and he was a sophomore. We were sitting in the front row of our intro to Public Health course. I have always been a talkative one so when he sat next to me that first day of class he had no idea what he was getting into. His shy studious self was immediately overwhelmed. For some crazy reason, we became fast friends, I even set him up with one of my freshman roommates. We stayed good friends for a few years, always watching the show Eureka together. Well, we drifted eventually and only got back in contact June of 2018 when I finally finished the last season of Eureka and decided to text him on a whim to let him know. The rest is history <3

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our living room

How They Asked

The story: I had just gotten home from a good day at work. He works nights so he had just woken up and hopped in the shower. While he was in the shower I made a bowl of celebratory pasta and started watching tv. After he got dressed he came into the living room with our song playing on his phone. Whenever our song plays we always stop what we are doing and slow dance. Since I was eating, I didn’t want to and got a little fussy, even telling him I wasn’t going to kiss him.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Our living room

He said it would be fine and before we danced I told him to make sure our kittens didn’t eat the pasta. We danced and as the song came to an end he said he had a question to ask me. He said it in that sweet romantic voice that made my heart start to beat fast. He took a knee and proposed. I was crying and speechless. He had to remind me to give him an answer and I said of course before jumping into his arms. Then he let me know that the kittens had been eating the pasta the entire time. (Hold for applause)

The ring: The most important element of the custom ring design is the center stone. The center stone is the one from my grandmother and mother’s engagement ring. The love and success those marriages had were very important symbolism for this ring. There are blue diamonds on the front and back (Phillip’s favorite color) to represent his commitment to protect and grow the love that the center stone embodies. The halo style diamonds highlight the center stone beautifully and make sure the ring has a low profile and won’t get caught on anything. The ring also has cathedral stepped diamonds because they’re pretty.

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