Katie and Peter

Image 1 of Katie and Peter

How We Met

Peter and I met in high school and have dated since 2007! We actually met in health class which has remained a running joke. We were going through some old childhood books and we ended up looking through an iSpy. Half way through the book he asked me to be his girlfriend.

how they asked

Peter asked me to marry him this summer on our 10th anniversary. It was a complete surprise! He had a whole day planned and pretended it was a celebration for my birthday which was only a few days before. I came home from work on Friday evening and he handed me a card with the first surprise – we were going skydiving! We woke up super early the next morning to head to a skydiving facility near NYC where we jumped out of a prop plane at 12,000 feet! It was terrifying but totally exhilarating! Once we got back to the city, we biked up to our favorite pier on the Hudson river and for a picnic and some R&R; much needed after the adrenaline rush of the morning! In the evening, we got dressed up and went to an extremely fancy French restaurant in the city, Daniel. I should have caught on when we got the best table in the house, but it wasn’t until after dinner that I realized something was up! Instead of heading home, Peter asked our cab driver to take us to an address I didn’t recognize. We ended up in Bryant Park and he ushered me into a hotel lobby…”checking in!”. We arrived and the room was covered in rose petals with a bottle of champagne on ice. He took me out to the balcony overlooking the city skyline and handed me an iSpy book, a nod to when he first asked me to be his girlfriend back in high school. He got down on one knee (in the rain!) and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Of course I said ‘yes’!