Katie and Pavel

Image 1 of Katie and Pavel

How We Met

Pavel and I met on Bumble in April 2017. He is from Russia and grew up in the UK and I am from the US and we both met on the dating site while living in Colorado. He said he almost didn’t swipe right because I didn’t have any description on my profile (I didn’t know what to write!), but I messaged him after we matched and we decided to meet for a date. I almost didn’t go because I had a soccer game that night and was asked by my teammates to go for drinks instead, but I kept our date and met him after changing out of my cleats in the bathroom of the restaurant. We clicked right away and he had me laughing the whole evening.

Image 2 of Katie and Pavel

How They Asked

I learned after the fact that Pavel had been planning the proposal for about 16 months. He told his family in March 2019, told my sister in September 2019, and asked my dad for permission in February 2020. He had a ring designed by a friend in London, and was planning to ask at St. Paul’s Cathedral in April 2020 when we were in London visiting with friends and family. Unfortunately, Covid hit and completely derailed his plans. In May while I was visiting family, he got a ring here in Denver and planned a Memorial Day early hike. While on the hike, we came to an overlook of the rocks and he asked me to take a panoramic photo with his phone. When I turned around he was on one knee. Though I would’ve loved getting engaged in London and am excited to see the ring he designed next time we’re there, I feel that the way we got engaged was perfect because it represents all that we are right here in Colorado where our journey began.

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