Katie and Parker

How They Asked

Parker and I share a love for wine and champagne and decided to plan a trip to France, particularly Champagne. We spent the first couple days in Paris before heading to Reims, Champagne for the bulk of our trip. While I was hopeful for a proposal, I tried to not overthink it because we were on the trip of a lifetime!

On Tuesday, January 29th, 2019, we had a scheduled group tour at Taittinger. The caves were so incredible, I just couldn’t believe where I was! They went on forever- and of course, there was champagne everywhere! As our tour reached its end, Parker and I got separated. He motioned for me to come closer, and I had to squeeze through the others in the tour group. Once I got over to him, I ended up facing away from him so I could see our tour guide and listen to what she was saying. After a couple of minutes, she asked if anyone had any announcements. No one said anything, and I wondered why she had asked that.

Where to Propose in Reims, France

Katie and Parker's Engagement in Reims, France

Katie's Proposal in Reims, France

She continued talking, and then stopped to again ask if anyone had any announcements. At that moment, I saw the other people in our group gasp and start taking pictures of something behind me. I slowly turned around… and Parker was down on one knee!!! A photographer popped up out of nowhere and was snapping photos, and I was just so completely in shock! I said yes to the love of my life 100 feet below ground in the most amazing place!

Special Thanks

Romain Vaucher
 | Photographer
Champagne Taittinger
 | Planning