Katie and Noah

That moment when you stop and think, “wow, this is really happening!” When you thank God again, and again, and again for such an incredible man who treats you like his princess. When you realize in just 100 short days you’ll be off to Orlando to get married to your true best friend, and have an amazing honeymoon in none other than Walt Disney World/Universal! That’s when it all sinks in and your heart seems to grow 10x more. Each time he looks at you and you see forever in his eyes. The moments you get to show off your gorgeous engagement ring because you’re so incredibly proud to be engaged!!! All of these things add up to make a true fairytale. ❤️ You wait for the day you get to leave with your fiancé to make all of your dreams come true! I am so excited to announce our happily ever after is only 100 days away!!!! I can’t wait until I have the honor of being Mrs. Noah Moody! Dreams really come true for those who wait. ?

Image 1 of Katie and Noah