Katie and Nelson

How We Met

It was a cold night in December and my friends and I were headed to the bar State in Lincoln Park. I walked through the front door into the crowded room. The crowd parted, with her standing at the end of the divide we locked eyes and I swear there was a spot light shown down. I looked over at my buddy Jon and told him I just found, “my girl”. I crossed the bar towards her, each step increasing the thud and pound of my heart. It is impossible to say what I said first. It was one of those times in your life that carries so much weight in the moment, that you can remember it happening, but the specifics are lost in flood of emotions.

It was an instant connection, the click you hear about in love stories. It felt as if I had always known her. The puzzle piece you just cannot seem to find but it was just upside down on the carpet.

We talked the whole night, and when Katie needed to leave and meet her friends, I asked her go Ice Skating at Millennium Park for a first date. She said yes, which was the most important yes I had ever heard in my life.

how they asked

Katie and I moved to Phoenix so she could go to graduate school for Physical therapy, and I was offered a better job than what I had in Chicago. With Katie in school, and me starting a new job, money was tight but I am a hopeless romantic and from the moment I met Katie, I knew that I wanted to preform a grand gesture to ask her to marry me.

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I worked long and hard over two years to get into a place financially that I could actually pull off the vision in my head. I worked with two of her friends to convince her there was a party happening at the Botanical Gardens, and a very ritzy party at that, so dress to the nines!

Through my friend and photographer Herb I booked two awesome woman to accompany me at the proposal pavilion. With their Cello and Violin, they preformed Lonestar’s Amazed, which Katie has wanted played at her wedding since she was little.

When Katie arrived, her friends gave her the tablet to watch the video that I have linked in this story. Then she walked down the path to meet me. All the preparation and secrecy paid off because it turned out better than I could have ever expected!

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