Katie and Nathan


How We Met

Nathan and I took the same Music and Film class at our college in Oklahoma. I knew he was the outgoing, cute athlete with an accent (he is from New Zealand!)–but I never actually talked to him. In May 2013, just weeks after our Music and Film class ended and just days after I graduated college, I went on a graduation trip with my parents to Grand Cayman. The very first night in Grand Cayman, my parents and I had dinner by the water at one of our favorite Grand Cayman restaurants. Two tables over from us, I noticed this guy who kept staring at me and couldn’t figure out why his face looked so familiar.

It finally hit me that he was the cute kiwi from my Music and Film class! On our way out of the restaurant, he stopped my family and I, saying “Excuse me, do you go to TU?” That was the first time I met Nathan. Although it was just a quick conversation of introductions, I immediately texted some of my close friends about the crazy, fate-like meeting of a New Zealander from our Oklahoma school at a restaurant on an island in the Caribbean. In an even crazier turn of events, we both watched the same fireworks from a wedding that night–me from my hotel room and him from a boat.

He messaged me on Facebook later that night and we talked throughout the rest of my vacation. We talked on the phone the night I got back from Grand Cayman and our first date was the next day. He officially asked me to be his girlfriend at a special spot on a bridge in Tulsa called the Center of the Universe on July 9, 2013, and the rest is history.


We have been on countless adventures together, including whale watching, glacier hiking, dog sledding, road tripping through the US and New Zealand, and have had three graduations between the two of us over the past three years.


how they asked

Nathan left this past June to go home to New Zealand for the summer. It was the hardest goodbye we have ever had. Before he left, we decided to meet up for a fun few days in San Francisco in August. I was going to be on a wine country trip with my best friend the week before he flew into San Fran from New Zealand, so it was going to work out perfectly! Although I thought he may propose in San Francisco, he kept telling me he didn’t have a ring yet and that it would be far too difficult to get a ring to New Zealand and back in time for the trip.

He also kept sending me links to rings throughout the summer, so I was pretty convinced that it not was going to happen on our trip! Here’s the thing: Nathan knew I wanted the proposal to be a surprise and he is terrible at keeping secrets…so he had to work extra hard to keep this little surprise a secret. Turns out, he had talked to my parents and bought the ring in spring. He even had the ring in his pocket when we said goodbye at the airport in June!

On Sunday, August 7th, 2016, Nathan and I enjoyed our first full day adventuring around San Francisco together. We spent the day being touristy by visiting the Painted Ladies, the house from Full House, Haight-Ashbury, the Conservatory of Flowers, the Palace of Fine Arts, and Lombard Street. He had promised me a fancy dinner that night as a belated birthday gift, so I brought a dress to wear to that dinner. He told me he wanted to go see the Yacht Club and this spot on the beach overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge before dinner, and even got an UberBlack to take us there (Nathan is an accountant who does not splurge on things, so this made me a little suspicious!).

When we pulled up to the Yacht Club, Nathan led me around the docks to look at all of the boats (Nathan, being from New Zealand, absolutely loves boats and the water). While we were walking, he started talking about how much he wanted me to be in his life forever, how he wanted to have a family with me, and the life he envisioned us sharing together. We eventually made our way to the beach, where we walked along the waterfront. I could tell he was nervous, which made me just as nervous! He finally stopped and walked me over towards the water.


The sun was starting to set over the Golden Gate Bridge, and the moment was absolutely perfect. We stood there in silence taking in the incredible view until Nathan broke the silence by telling me that he loved me and wanted to marry me. He started to cry as he got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever.

Proposal-3 Small

I broke down into tears as I said “of course!”


Nate put the most beautiful ring on my finger just as I realized he had organized a photographer for the whole thing (he knew this one of the things I really wanted in a proposal)! He eventually told me the whole “speech” he had prepped but was far too emotional in the moment to get through it–which included the fact that he chose that spot because we met right on the ocean and he asked me out on a bridge.


I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect proposal. I am so, so excited to adventure through life with my dream guy!


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