Katie and Mitchell

How We Met: Mitch & I had a glance at each other one night at our campus church. Fast forward to a few weeks later and I was invited by a close friend to a “grilled cheese night” at someone’s apartment.

Turns out it was the cute guy I saw in church’s apartment. I was so nervous and excited at the same time. For the rest of that semester we started hanging out and got to know each other. We even went on a few dates too!

how they asked: Mitch & I were anticipating our anniversary in November. We talked for months about what we were going to do to celebrate. Mitch told me he wanted it to be a surprise and that he would plan out the whole thing.

We drove back to my hometown (which is also where his grandparents live) and we had a few hours to spend with our families. I asked my best friend to come over and help me get over. I picked up Mitch because I drove and we went to the local winery and had Italian.

I should have known something was up because he was so nervous that he couldn’t finish his meal. Mitch then asked if we could go visit my great auntie Elma who was in the nursing home at the time at age 95. We usually go visit her when we’re home so I didn’t think anything of it. My mom works at the same nursing home and planned everything out with Mitch. We wheeled her down to the chapel where Mitch had me wait at the end of the hallway for 5 mins.

I walked down the hall in my high heels, tights and a dress to open the chapel doors to see 11 friends and family, a candle-lit aisle, and the love of my life waiting for me.

Image 1 of Katie and Mitchell

Image 2 of Katie and Mitchell

Each person represented the 11 months we had been dating each with a letter and a rose in their hand. I read every letter and took the roses until I got to him. He handed me another bouquet of roses and pulled out a fake rose with the ring being displayed inside. I was so nervous I was shaking the whole time! Now I can’t wait to marry the love of my life in August.

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