Katie and Mina

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Plaza Hotel

How We Met

If you ask me, Katie and I met each other twice. We met in high school, but for the first three years, we hated each other. We would get into loud arguments in French class and our teacher would always say “you two are going to get married”. Fast forward to the summer before senior year. Katie and I both went on the Italy trip with that same French teacher and were all of a sudden reintroduced to one another. We were basically forced into a situation where we had to get along.

When the Senior year started, we had become friends. We shared most of the same classes (she and her friend Tabby copied most of my work). I obviously realized I liked Katie before she realized she liked me…but it’s ok, I knew she would come around eventually, after plenty of persistence. I ended up asking her to Prom and she said yes. After a year of her bossing me around because she knew I would listen, I had earned that yes!! She clearly liked me at this point, but she made me sweat it out until after graduation. Eight and a half years later; here we are.

how they asked

Mina and I went on a trip to New York last year with another couple and stayed at The Plaza Hotel. I had dreamed of staying at The Plaza since I was little and we had the absolute best time. Its safe to say that we started planning out next trip the second we left! We decided to go back to New York this past March. We decided to go on Mina’s birthday weekend. Unlike the last trip, we didn’t plan on going with any other couples.

Katie's Proposal in The Plaza Hotel

The day before we left for our trip, Mina told me we would have to go to the airport separate. He told me that he had to be there early to bring his Aunt for an earlier flight. When I got to the airport it was TOTALLY packed with people. Mina was already in the terminal waiting. When I finally got through security, he told me to meet him at a restaurant. We did not have a lot of time, so I found this to be so weird. During breakfast, he was totally normal and any suspicions I had of getting engaged on this trip (which I had previously been so convinced of) were gone; I was certain that nothing was going down.

On the plane, he started telling me the plan for the night. He had gotten me Hamilton tickets!!! He told me that he was going to make sure that the hotel’s courtesy car was available for us, so he was going to leave me upstairs getting ready while he got it. About 30 minutes out of New York, I got a text from my sister asking how my flight was. She told me that there was a Nor’easter hitting the city and that a lot of flights were canceled. I told Mina this and he looked terrified! I asked him what was wrong and he told me he was afraid to land. About 5 minutes later, I checked Instagram and saw that his little brother posted a story. I clicked on it and his post read “Going to NYC for three days”. I KNEW something was up. I asked Mina what his brother was talking about and after trying to play it off, the poor guy caved. He then went in to tell me what the plans for the weekend actually was….

There were not Hamilton tickets (yeah, I know, still salty about it). We had breakfast at the airport in a sit-down restaurant because two of his best friends were at the gate next to ours headed to JFK. My sister was asking about our flight to tip Mina off that some of the flights that the THIRTY PEOPLE HE INVITED were canceled due to the storm.

The plan was that we were going to check into the hotel. Around 6 he was going to “request the car”, but really he was going to seat our parents at the Rose Club that overlooks the staircase in The Plaza’s lobby. At 6:30, he and I were going to head out, but when we got to the staircase, he was going to propose in view of our parents! From there, I was going to be met by a limo outside with my two best friends inside with a photographer (he wanted ugly crying pics). The limo was going to take us to a restaurant where everyone else would be waiting for a surprise engagement party.

So…I am hearing this on a plane with a bunch of strangers and sobbing. The second we landed his phone exploded. The day turned into who made it, who’s rebooking, and who gave up altogether. In the midst of all of that, he managed to plan a makeshift proposal in the same location, with the entire Plaza staff who were in on planning the surprise watching. Our limo and dinner were canceled, but we were able to reschedule our photographer for a full engagement session the following day.

In all, the weekend was totally amazing! I will never; however, trust a single person in my life because they all had been lying to me for months….right down to the lady who does mine and my mother’s nails.

Special Thanks

Elvira Kalviste
The Plaza Hotel