Katie and Mike - a Scrabble Lover's Perfect Proposal!

Katie: It always takes me extra time to get used to things, and with the idea of marriage, this was no different. After six years with Mike, however, I knew it was time. And once I had that figured out, I knew what the next step was: setting the diamond from my great-grandmother’s engagement ring into a new band (and by nature, I knew exactly which one I wanted). I’m an “in-control” type of girl and Mike is pretty good about letting me have my way.

Mike: We took the diamond to the jewelry store where Katie’s aunt worked and looked at a few bands to set it in (although, unsurprisingly, Katie had already picked out a favorite a few months before). The whole process couldn’t have gone more smoothly, and about a week later, we had a shiny new ring to admire. In the weeks before I actually asked her to marry me, Katie even asked me once or twice if she could take the ring out and look at it.

Katie: There may have been one or two times where I didn’t ask, but put it on anyway when Mike wasn’t around.

Mike: Once we had the ring, I knew I needed a good way to propose. I spent the first few weeks thinking hard and drawing blank after blank. All I knew was that Katie didn’t want a big public spectacle.

Katie: The wait was killing me. Being a control freak, it was hard not to know when and where it was going to happen. Every little thing Mike did or said made me suspicious.

Mike: I decided on the date I wanted to ask the question: April 19, 2011, the day before Katie and I left for a vacation in Seattle.

Katie: I actually thought he was going to propose in Seattle; I grew up there and it’s one of my favorite places in the world. Then, the night before we left, he surprised me with a present when I got home from work: a brand new Scrabble board. I was confused by the present at first, but excitement quickly took over because Scrabble is my favorite game and this version was a definite upgrade from the one we already had. He explained himself by saying something about how this board had letter tiles that locked into the grid, therefore making it harder for our cat to ruin the game, as he was known to do. I opened it right away, and was truly surprised to see tiles already arranged on the board saying, “KATIE, WILL YOU MARRY ME? ” When I looked up, he was standing over me with ring in hand.

Mike: I didn’t trust the tiles to stay in place, so I had super-glued them to be sure they stayed in place. When she turned around and saw me with the ring, I asked her (out loud this time) to marry me, and she said yes.

Katie: The best part was that he had the foresight to know that I’d be a little disappointed that I couldn’t use this awesome new board because the tiles were super-glued down. He knows me so well, in fact, that he had a second board ready and waiting for me as soon as he saw me coveting the first. It may sound silly, but that small action made the moment perfect. Not only was I going to marry my best friend, but also someone who knows me as well as I know myself.

Mike: Right after the proposal, we went to dinner with my parents to celebrate. Afterward, they dropped us at a hotel by the airport, where I had made a reservation several weeks before. We left for Seattle in the morning, and there we shared wonderful times with Katie’s family and friends. It was the perfect start to our new life together.

Photos by Cassandra Eldridge Photography