Katie and Michael


How We Met

Six years ago, I was a freshman at college. Michael was a junior.  His mother had recently passed away and he was retaking the class he had to drop out of when his mother passed.  That class happened to be the class I was in my first day of college. He sat behind me.  We became friends throughout the year.  We had many mutual friends.  At the time, he was dating a girl. He left college shortly after they broke up and went to community college for a year.

When he came back to my college in 2012, we had another class together. We always had feelings for each other, but I had just started dating someone.  Just as he was about to ask me out in 2012, I told him I was dating.  We were still friends, but he knew that we would end up together.  He was my best friend and I would hang out with him at lunch.  We would talk about class.  He found out I was in another class with the professor he enjoyed, so he audited the class.  I found out later he audited that class just to be with me.  He would walk me back to my dorm most nights after class.  I was still seeing someone, but he just wanted me to be happy.  When I broke up with my ex in 2013, he decided it was his chance.

There was a severe ice storm in the beginning of 2014.  I remember I wasn’t feeling well and wanted a friend to be with me.  That night, we were messaging. He asked me if I wanted him to come over. I usually said no, but this time I said it was too icy. He didn’t take that as an excuse. He slid across campus in the ice storm. I was so surprised to see him. We talked all night in my dorm until we kissed as the sun rose. That was the start to a two year relationship. We were and are inseparable!

how they asked

He always told me that he had planned this romantic proposal since he was little. He wouldn’t tell me anything, but kept saying he would know when it was the right time.  I started getting suspicious in February 2016.  I guess it was a second intuition, but I had no idea if, when, or how he was going to propose.  He kept telling me he wanted to take me down to DC to visit his father. His father lives in DC, so we would go up to visit him every now and then.  One day, he turned on the news to find that the Cherry Blossoms were blooming early. All of my friends were so excited about the Cherry Blossoms since it was a big deal on the East Coast of US.  Michael said he wanted to show me all of DC.  He loved DC since it was his home town and knew every inch of the town.

He told me he had a few days off and was going to use them on a Friday.  That way, we could have an extra long weekend to go down to DC.  Thing was, the full bloom date kept changing.  They said it would be mid March, but they changed it to late March.  On March 23rd and 24th, we both managed to get off work.  We actually got off a day early so we had half the week off.  He seemed to be very nervous the week of and told me how everyone dresses up for the Cherry Blossoms. He told me to get my nails done because he wanted to show me off. I got my nails done and we headed down to see the Cherry Blossoms after work on Wednesday. night after work.  That night, I sat in his guest room. I knew something was up, but wasn’t quite sure if it would happen.

The morning of, we still hadn’t heard if there was a full bloom yet. He said he wanted to take me anyway.  Instead of taking the train to DC, we took his car. On  the drive, he showed me every building that reminded him of other countries in the world. The architecture in DC is amazing. He told me which buildings reminded him of France. When we finally found a garage to park, we started walking. He took me through parts of DC like the outdoor sculpture garden and the Smithsonian garden.


He knew places that would be less crowded. When we finally made our way to the tidal basin, it was crowded. We walked and talked for hours. We watched the photographers take pictures of the beautiful trees. At one point, we were standing in front of the Washington Monument. I hadn’t been on the left side of him all day, but I noticed a box. He then asked a random photographer to take a picture of us. In that moment, he got down on one knee as the photographer captured the shot. It was so romantic with the Cherry Blossoms. It was everything we ever dreamed of and more!

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