Katie and Matt

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How We Met

In some cases it’s a first glance. Which leads to a long look. And then, they’re off, embarking on a lifetime of love and support. It can be that simple. Katie and I had been introduced through social channels. We worked in the same industry. Had mutual friends. We had “liked” each other’s visual breadcrumbs of life via Instagram. So much so, I began to wonder if she was available. Apparently, she wondered the same about me.

In January of 2015, we would both be working an annual merchandise show in Orlando. But the venue is a massive convention center. There was a chance we would not meet. More wonderment ensued. And maybe it was best left to fate.

And then, there she was. Standing in front of me. A social media feed come to life. As though a dream had come true. She was blushing. I’m sure I was as well. She shifted, as though she was perfectly uncomfortable. I’m sure I did to. Time was of the essence. I would be doing a live update any minute. There were cameras. And chaos all around us. She said, “Hi. I’m Katie.” I said, “Hello. I know.” She was tall. Even more gorgeous in person than in her high-end modeling pictures. She was so naturally gorgeous. Humble and yet confident. We spoke more with our eyes than we did our voices. And then she was gone.

For now. I had to get back to work. And she had to leave. But we both knew, it had only just begun.

I followed up with a text: “Albeit brief, it was great to finally meet you. I hope we can cross paths again soon.” And now, our paths have become one. It was that simple. And it’s obvious, it was meant to be.

how they asked

It was a normal Thursday. Matt was at work and text to ask about our weekly date night and what I wanted to do. We both decided to go to our favorite restaurant in Winter Park called Hillstone. Many special nights for us have been spent there. I called and made 7:15 reservations not knowing he had already spoke to them.

Matt got home from work and explained that we needed to head to the wine store to bring gifts for friends we were going to see over the weekend. We bought 4 amazing bottles of some of our favorite wine and raced back home to change for our date.

We left for our date while the skies opened up and there was a torrential downpour. Both bummed because the views on the lake of the restaurant are so beautiful during sunset. We sat down, ordered and hoped the rains would clear so we could walk out on the dock.

Finally the rains cleared right at sunset. We grabbed our bottle of wine and walked to the dock. I stopped to take a picture because the sky was so beautiful. We sat down in rocking chairs on the dock and looked out on the lake. All of the sudden Matt said “Katie. Stand up.” It’s scared me, I thought something was wrong. I said, “why?!” And he slowly got down on one knee.

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Before he could even say anything I was crying. He told me how much I meant in his life, how much he loved my children and asked me to spend my life with him. I said “of course!” He stood and we hugged and he explained “but I feel like I need a yes. I didn’t hear you say a definitive yes!” To which I followed with “YES!!”

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My cheeks were so sore from smiling and I couldn’t stop crying. Matt then said “oh and we have a professional photographer taking pictures of us right now.” I jumped up and he waved from the bushes!

We have been discussing wedding plans and getting married but he totally surprised me. The best part was that he asked my daughter, who is 12, to marry me first. Her approval is more important than anything to me.

I never thought I would find someone who loves me wholeheartedly. Who is so dedicated and respectful. Someone who would do anything to make me laugh. He’s incredible and I’m so lucky he wants to spend forever with me.
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Special Thanks

Cy Cyr
 | Photographer