Katie and Matthew

how we met

We first met when we were both pursuing our undergraduate degrees at Ole Miss. We were the same major, and became physics lab partners. We became the best of friends, and started dating after 2 years of friendship.

how they asked

Our proposal took place in Destin, FL while we were vacationing. Before going on vacation, Matthew made it a point to tell me to pack a nice outfit for a fancy dinner on our first night of vacation. We spent the day relaxing on the beach, and Matthew was completely calm the entire time. I had really no idea what was in store. That night, Matthew mentioned he wanted to watch the sunset on the beach before going to dinner. It was completely cloudy (like no sun in the sky at all), but he insisted. As we walked down onto the beach, I saw rose petals scatted all around and we were walking towards them. I asked Matthew if the rose petals were for us, but he said “no,” even as we continued walking towards the petals. Once we were standing atop the rose petals, he got down on one knee and popped the question. I was so excited, I don’t even remember him getting down on one knee. We toasted with an glass of champagne and savored the moment. Then, both sets of our parents came to join us on the beach. I had no idea they were even in Destin, so it was such a great feeling being able to share this special moment with our families!

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