Katie and Matt

How We Met

Matt and I met in 4th grade. I had switched schools from being bullied, and after the first day of my new school, I came home and asked my mom how “Katherine Elizabeth Wheelan” sounded. She said I sounded too young to think about that. We became friends and stayed that way for 14 years, but we always knew there was something there. He had girlfriends, I had boyfriends, but he was the only person from grade school or high school that I kept in touch with consistently. When we went to college (me in Chicago and him hours away in WI) we still kept in touch, especially the summer of 2008 when he went to Basic Training. Since phone calls weren’t optional, I wrote him letters constantly. In one letter, I explained how I had a dream that him and I were on a date (which was odd since we never had romantic feelings for each other) where he took me to this gorgeous fountain and proposed in front of it. We both laughed it off, he came back from training, we went back to school, everything resumed as normal… or so I thought. In 2010, right after I graduated college, something changed. I realized the person who had been the best friend of mine for so long was SO much more than that.

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how they asked

Matt and I dated for a year, officially starting in July of 2011. Since we had been friends for so long, we always joked that if we ever started dating, we probably wouldn’t stop. Well, a few months into our relationship I realized that I would never date anyone else. So naturally, I made as little possible commotion about becoming his wife, ever… Totally kidding. I brought it up at every chance. I already had everything planned out in our head, and was in such a rush to start our lives together knowing that he was on the same page! By July of 2012, I was getting impatient. A whole year went by and he hadn’t asked!

Little did I know… on August 7th, I was out to dinner with my aunt when my sister messaged me asking to go mini golfing. After my dinner, Matt and I met with my sister and her husband and drove way out to the putt putt course where Matt and I played on one of our first dates, and a bunch more times after that. Everyone was being weird but I had psyched myself out so many times that I just tried to play it cool. By the third hole, I saw that Matt held back and motioned to my sister about something, but like I said- I tried to play it cool. On hole 5, after I hit my ball and was the closest to the divot, I putted the ball in and crouched to pick it up. When I stood up, Matt was the one down on his knee pulling something very sparkly out of his pocket, telling me the sweetest things I had ever heard. After he asked (I think, I had thrown my ball and club and was jumping up and down screaming so I didn’t hear very much) and I said yes and we kissed and hugged, he pointed to the waterfall behind me and said “That’s as close as I could get to a fountain”.

Over the next 9 weeks (4 of them with him at training for the Army) we planned a gorgeous wedding that was so much fun. 9 weeks later, we found out we were pregnant! In 2013 we welcomed our baby girl- Charlotte, and got the news that Matt would deploy. He left in March of 2014, and was back by December. On February 13th of 2015, we found out I was pregnant AGAIN, and in October welcomed our son- Bennett. Our life together has been a whirlwind, and Im so blessed to have him by my side.

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