Katie and Matt

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How We Met

Matt and I went to the same college together. We met my sophomore year and his senior year through mutual friends. I had been told that some guy had a crush on me but I didn’t know him so I didn’t think anything of it. About a month into the school year I finally met this mysterious guy who promptly walked (almost sprinted) strait to me when he saw me at a party. He introduced himself to me and then proceeded to “get down” on the dance floor. After that, I was eager to get to know him.

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how they asked

About a month before the planned date of our engagement I started to plan 30 days of posts and letters to give Katie, as a lead up to the proposal. The problem with this, though, was the timing would give away the day I had in mind. So, I had to scrap that plan and a few more before I finally just made the arrangements for the 26th of December which ended up being in the middle of the “30 days ok Katie”. I had the ring picked out and on hold, our plane tickets were purchased and everything was in place, but transporting a diamond engagement ring when you sometimes share luggage is no easy task.

We packed up our bags and loaded the car for our Christmas trip, ring in the console of my car (hopefully I wouldn’t forget it). Luckily I remembered and transferred it to my bag when she was getting ready for bed at my parents’ house. The ring would make the trip, and maybe I started to freak out about the details a little. The 26th came around and Katie went off on a girls day with her mom as her dad and I did some workouts and talked briefly about the plan for the night. Long story short, there was no plan. It was only going to happen sometime between 5-7 so I could FaceTime my parents in. We were going to look at Christmas lights and then somewhere along the way I’d find myself on a knee looking up at my forever partner.

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That moment came in at our third destination and as I was walking to her and telling her this was a special day in the 30 days of Katie, tears started flowing. In that moment, I panicked. I dropped to a knee as fast as I could and asked the question. It was over as soon as it started, but she said yes! So I guess it worked out okay. Even though there wasn’t a set plan it was a perfect moment and we even had rose petals around us as I got down on one knee. Katie also surprised me later that night with an engagement ring for me as well. I couldn’t be more grateful for the time we have shared and I can’t wait for an eternity more.

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