Katie and Luke

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How We Met

You know the saying, “rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life…”? That’s our beautiful and redemptive love story in a nutshell. I had made a declaration to my mom that I was done. dating. forever. I was burnt out. Burnt out on the rat race, burnt out after finally ending a long term on-and-off relationship, and burnt out going on dead-end dates with guys who were so obviously not for me.

Being a single woman in this modern world simply trying to find my way was enough of a task on its own. Add the pressure of owning my own business, putting myself out there on social media in a very public platform, and combating anxiety and depression. Looking for that special someone seemed like just another void to fill, illuminating the fact that I felt empty and was looking for external validation. I was utterly depleted living my life on self-will and I desperately hoped God had more for me. I wanted to be whole. I needed a complete rearranging of my priorities, and God needed to be at the top. I was willing to let go of everything I thought I wanted, and let Him put the pieces back together. I knew He was the power who could renew my spirit, make me new, and help me find peace with whatever my romantic situation looked like – even if that meant being single forever. With complete abandon, I surrendered my life, my will, and my idea of what my love story would look like. I became rooted in His truth — that I am loved; that He is enough.

The very next day I walked into a room, sat down, and while listening to a speaker, I was suddenly distracted when the most handsome man (who would be my future husband) came and sat down right next to me despite the many empty seats in the room. I immediately texted my mom in disbelief, “GOD LOVES ME. The cutest guy just sat next to me!” He struck up conversation and asked for my phone number. I was giddy beyond belief, and on my way home I prayed fervently that God’s will (not mine) would be done. He texted me immediately and I had never felt so excited and peaceful at the same time. That feeling hasn’t left me yet…

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how they asked

I remember telling my mom I would marry Luke a couple weeks after I met him. I just knew he was the one. Perfectly playful, generous, loving, kind, and a gentle leader; he was better than anything I had ever dreamt, and made my “list” of what I thought I was looking for seem trivial.

Four and a half months after we met, we stood on a cliff overlooking Honolua Bay on the enchanted Island of Maui. As I excitedly turned around to express my awe at the breathtaking view, Luke was down on one knee with a sparkling diamond ring in his hand and tears in his eyes. He looked deeply into my eyes, told me how much he loves me and that he wants to spend his entire life with me. My heart filled with gratitude and tears of joy streamed down my face. My dream man had just asked me to marry him, and I said YES!!! We spent the rest of the week snorkeling, cliff jumping, and adventuring all over the island as fiancés! Every second was surreal. I often have to pinch myself wondering how my life got so good so fast. And all it took was surrendering it all.

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