Katie and Lukas

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How We Met

Our relationship started as a glance from across the room. An unsuspecting gal catching the eye of her future partner. One of those once in a lifetime moments where you have an epiphany of sorts. We’ve all been there somewhere in our life, going through our daily routine and all of a sudden you’re onto something that you just can’t help but feel is meant to be. Disney fairytale, right? For me, Lukas, I was sitting at a leadership table at a University club meeting for RHA (Residence Hall Association). Little did Katie know, there was a man (really still a boy, me, Lukas) watching her from across the room as she walked into McNeely Hall. That was my epiphany folks. As graceful as it may sound, from that moment on that was going to be my future girlfriend at the time….even if she didn’t know it. My instincts had my hair raised, eye balls glazed over, and palms slightly sweaty. Snap out of it, Lukas. All true, believe in some love at first sight because I had to meet her.

We started off as acquaintances of sorts. Not saying a whole lot to each other, merely hi’s and bye’s in passing. I didn’t want to blow my opportunity to ask her on a date so easing into things we got to know each other as friends first. I got my first real one on one time together with her at an event we were planning on campus for new incoming students. There were a bunch of fun activities like obstacle courses, gunny sack races, and even some free food. Each residence hall had a particular event they were in charge of, and being part of the leadership board of the organization, I got to mull around with everyone and make sure they were doing okay. By they, I really mean Katie and her group because that’s obviously who I wanted to work with all afternoon… I remember making something up so that I could be over helping their group out. That helping turned into Katie and I racing each other with gunny sacks and eventually taking turns going through the obstacle course. Our first, real, together, hey we’re talking to each other time.

Anyone know how to ask a beautiful gal for her number nowadays? I mean, there’s Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, more social media than I could ever use…. . SO, how did I get her number you ask? Email. YUP. Email. For professional reasons only of course.

From that email on a day didn’t go by that we didn’t get to chat through some means of communication above. I remember going to my room early at night just so that I had time to sit and talk with Katie.

We started seeing each other more at school, probably on purpose. I would see her in her favorite study spot in our student center and she would see me in passing going to class. I even timed it right so that when I was finished working out, she would be in her study spot so I could come up and say hi to her afterwards. Clever, right? Now that we are seeing each other more and now that we have each others contact information, how in the world do I ask this girl on a date that wouldn’t be a date but sort of was but wasn’t… Obviously ask her to go play pac man and do some bowling on campus, SUPER romantic right?

We shared some skittles and before you knew it we were on our second not a date that was a date but wasn’t a date kinda was a date to The Hobbit midnight premier. Sharing jokes about random events at school and making plans to see other movies in the theater I found myself falling more and more for this gal from across the room. Trying to conceal everything, I continued to make small but deliberate attempts at making sure I got to see Katie more often than not. I even came back during our J term to get some books that I obviously didn’t need to get so that I could spend a few days on campus with her, smart right?

After six or seven months of just being friends with countless Panera Bread dates we finally put a title to it and began dating on March 19th, 2014. It was the best decision I have ever made, to this day I am still in gratitude she said yes to going on a boyish midnight premier date that wasn’t a date sorta was a date not really a date but could have been date to The Hobbit. Since that premier and since asking her to be my girlfriend we have been glued at the hip ever since. Has anyone ever heard of Miranda Sings? I still remember driving down to her show in Madison when Katie changed her Facebook status to “in a relationship.” #goals.

Sharing a deep love of travel and devotion to photography we integrated our own personal interests with each others hobbies outside of school. Travel became our mainstay and our first real trip together was to Glacier National Park and Idaho after only dating for three months. I knew secretly that this girl from across the room had all the tools necessary to succeed in hiking and dealing with my family so we packed up the RV and headed west.

She’s still here after dealing with my loud family, countless trips in a cramped RV, numerous 15+ mile hikes and we can even say that we’ve got a few Colorado 14ers under our belt. Who knew she’d be more adventurous and outdoorsy than me? Through those hikes and traveling to different places around the country, all these moments added small but very important memories to the relationship. I was going to marry this girl from across the room. She might not have thought about it, but as we moved forward year after year I was growing more and more fond of her. Crazy to think it all started with a glance across a room.

From trips to the lake place in northern Wisconsin, beach days down south, rainy days in the mountains, cruises across the ocean on marvelous ships, and road trips to Scandia our story unfolded into what it is here today. Ask her what her favorite Lukas saying is, or maybe where her favorite hike has been. Ask me what my favorite Katie moment was and I will tell you all of them. Everything goes so fast, it seems like just yesterday I was asking Katie to come bowling with me and nervously hoping she would say yes. From College dating to real world commutes to visit each other across the cities we grew into the chiseled, defined, and resolute couple that you will see today.

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how they asked

“Hey Lukas, flights to Orlando are pretty cheap right now. ” I told him as we were driving home from the lake one weekend this fall after receiving an email about them. “Oh sweet, we should go one of these weekends.” He casually exclaimed. So, what do I do? Well, I log into my Delta app to check out flight prices for the coming weeks…only to see a page that said “74 days until your trip to Orlando”. WAIT WHAAAT?! I did a double take before looking over across the car at Lukas who had a mixture of excitement/frustration written on his face. “Moooooommmm Katie found out!” He said to Jennifer who was in the front seat.

I sat there in utter shock and confusion as I closed out of the app and logged back in to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. But, sure enough it was real. He wouldn’t tell me why we were going to Orlando or what we were doing, but I was determined to get it out of him that day. Fast forward a couple minutes to when we arrived to my apartment (yes, minutes. I’m good at getting secrets out of him). He finally told me he booked us a Disney Cruise! We had been talking about saving up for one, but I had no idea he pulled the trigger and secretly booked tickets. Little did I know, he had much more up his sleeve than just another vacation.

Cue the countdown. The holidays flew by and the time finally came to board the Disney Fantasy on January 6, 2018. Lukas is a HUGE Disney fan and always told me that nothing compares to a Disney Cruise. He told me countless stories about all the fun memories he had aboard the ship, so I was excited to see what it was all about and create our own memories!

After getting settled in our stateroom and exploring, the ship left the port and we were off! We had the early dinner slot, so by that then it was already time to get dressed for food. The weather in Orlando topped out at 60 degrees, so I “dolled up” in jeans, boots, and my trusty rusty jacket…not an ideal outfit for what was about to happen.

We headed down to deck four to meet Al and Jennifer to take some pics before the sun went down, a normal occurrence of course because sunset shots are always my favorite. I stood at the railing while Lukas set up the camera for his dad, yet again, another normal occurrence for us because we tend to be picky…well I tend to be picky about those types of things. Then just as Lukas handed off the camera and secretly turned the GoPro on, he pulled out a notebook from his backpack. I recognized it right away. That notebook had pictures of Disney characters he drew for me 4 years ago to ask me to be his girlfriend. He asked me to flip through the pages as he stood next to me…and the memories came flooding back.

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As I looked at the original pictures I remembered how scared I was when he asked me to be his girlfriend, but man am I glad I took a chance. As I kept flipping the pages, there were new drawings that I hadn’t seen before. Each page had a different character and word on them…Will. You. Marry. Me…I looked up and Lukas was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen gleaming.

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The funny part was he had the ring box upside down and being the loud mouth I am, I called him out on it (haha!) It couldn’t have been more perfect though. When I finally gathered composure again, I looked over and there stood a crowd of boat dock workers clapping and congratulating us. One lady also handed us a Disney pin that read “Happily Ever After”.

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The rest of the night consisted of us telling my family and friends the news while enjoying our first night aboard the Fantasy and our first night as an engaged couple.

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