Katie and Lou

How We Met

We met back in college 6 and a half years ago. He played baseball and I played soccer, and we had mutual friend groups. With a couple weeks left in the school year, he asked me on a date (Five guys and a movie), which is still one of our favorites. We didn’t start dating until halfway through the summer following our freshman year. We have been dating about 6 and a half years when he proposed to me last week!

how they asked

He told me that we were going apple picking on this Saturday but changed his mind and told me he had a Groupon for a vineyard near us (should have known, he has never used a Groupon). He told me he made reservations and we were going to have a nice lunch and then go shopping afterward. When we arrived he walked up to the counter and said his name and then said right this way (Later in the day, he told me he saw his name and “PROPOSAL” written on a paper right in front of me on the desk–CLOSE CALL!). The hostess walked us down these stairs that said “Wine Cellar” and when we got to the bottom said, “Someone will be right with you”. Lou then started walking towards these two huge wooden doors in an archway. I asked if he booked something special, and he said I wanted to do something nice for you. When he opened the door, this is what I saw.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Connecticut

At this point, he grabbed my hand and walked with me up to the signs. I had no clue he was proposing because I truly thought it would be the following fall. There was some music playing in the background and the signs were of an inside joke we have on one, one of my favorite bible verses about love (1 Corinthians 13: 4-8), and another one which was Song of Solomon 3:4.

Katie and Lou's Engagement in Connecticut

He was talking to me while I was reading the signs, and I didn’t even think of a proposal until he said something that instantly made me realize he was indeed proposing. I don’t really recall what he said because my heart started beating so fast and I couldn’t think straight.

Where to Propose in Connecticut

All I know is I said YES! Following the proposal, he said we were going out to dinner and no one in our families knew. To my surprise again, when we got to his house all of our families were there and we had a big party! It was amazing!

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Special Thanks

Creations by Carlee
 | Made the signs from the proposal