Katie and Lee

How We Met

We met on the first day of second grade. Katie had moved to the school district in 1st grade, and I (Lee) started there in 2nd grade. I literally remember my heart beating out of my chest seeing Katie for the first time. She was (and still is) just so pretty, and she was so outgoing and bubbly. I was immediately and permanently smitten.

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Katie's Proposal in Orca's Island, WA

For years I was too shy to talk to Katie but I had the biggest crush. I even joined the choir in elementary school to be able to spend time with her. In the 5th grade at the “end of the year” party there was a raffle and I decided that whatever I won I would give it to Katie, a clear and obvious sign of my affection. I won a 101 Dalmations picture frame. I ran up to Katie on the school playground, gave her the picture frame, said “I got you this” and proceeded to run away. Katie was left wondering what just happened – it wasn’t until she got home that her mom informed her that I most definitely had a crush on her. Finally, in high school I made moves. I asked Katie to homecoming in 10th grade and she said yes.

Proposal Ideas Orca's Island, WA

To my chagrin, soon after she started dating my friend Kris! But our friendship continued to grow. We remained close friend all through high school and even into college. We would catch up regularly and even write letters. Living in different states I visited whenever I could, and Katie visited me.

I moved to Seattle for work in 2015, and by fate, Katie was offered a job in Seattle 18 months later. Our lifelong friendship and my love for her continued to build. She was my very best friend. In November 2017 we finally started to officially date one another

How They Asked

After a lifetime of friendship and only 2 months of dating, I knew without a doubt that Katie was the one for me, and I flew to Florida to ask her parents permission for her hand in marriage. Then on April 20, 2018, I had a surprise for Katie. I told her to pack a weekend bag for s surprise trip I had planned – she was convinced we were going camping or up to Bellingham for a weekend of hiking and breweries. Instead, we caught a cab to South Lake Union in Seattle at the float plane terminal. There we boarded a plane for Orca’s Island where we stayed at a Bed and Breakfast in Deer Harbor. That night I knelt in front of Katie in the rain outside our cottage on the Puget Sound and asked her to marry me. She said yes!

We spent the weekend in isolated bliss, with little cell phone reception just enjoying the solitude of each other and dreaming of our future together. Life with Katie has been the most joyous love I could ever imagine. She is still my best friend, and we still have that Dalmations frame in our bedroom.

Special Thanks

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