Katie and Landon's Charleston Yacht Proposal

How We Met: Landon and I met my second year at East Carolina University. It was the first day of second semester and we had a statistics class together. He was late to class and the only spot left was next to me…and the rest was history. We have been together ever since.

how they asked: Looking back on June 20th, I honestly still cannot believe that this all really happened. It all started when Landon surprised me with a weekend away in Charleston, I had never been before and we had been talking about making the trip for awhile so I didn’t think anything of it. We stayed in a beautiful B&B and while I was getting ready that morning he told me he had one more surprise for that afternoon. We spent the morning walking around King Street and then we set off towards the Charleston marina. Landon walked me towards a 60 foot sailboat called “Fate” and helped me on board. It was so beautiful! The captain sailed around the harbor for awhile and then asked if we would stand on bow of the sailboat so he could take some pictures of us for their Facebook page.

After we took a few shots Landon sat me down and told me he would be right back. He returned with a stack of pictures that chronicled our entire relationship and each had a little note on the back for me to read. This is when I finally realize what is going on and my hands begin to shake. The last one he pulled out of his pocket and the picture was of him buying the ring! He stood me up, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I burst into tears and said YES!!


The next thing I know, he turns me around and my parents and his are rushing towards us! They had been hiding in the cabin the entire time! We are both very close to our families so having them there was so special! We celebrated with bottle of champagne from my parents’ wedding night and sailed for the rest of the afternoon. It was so, so perfect!

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Then as we were coming back to the dock I heard screaming behind me. I turned around and my three best friends were running towards us! It was unbelievable! We spent the rest of the weekend celebrating with all of our favorite people. It was without a doubt the best weekend of our lives! We are now planning a weekend back to Charleston to look at wedding venues!

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Credit: Charleston Sailing Charters // Dustin K Ryan