Katie and Kyle's Proposal Story

Image 1 of Katie and Kyle's Proposal StoryHow We Met: Kyle and I have known each other since elementary school, always in the same group of friends but never the best of friends.

When freshman year rolled around, we were both without dates so we now call each other our “pity dates.” Kyle was about a foot shorter than me, both of us rocking braces and the definition of “fresh meat.”

Fast forward 10 years, we are both out of college having kept in touch randomly throughout the years and both single for the first time. This is the moment. At that time, Kyle’s in the army and stationed in Manhattan, KS.

I am living in Baltimore at the time and the words “crush on” did come out of my mouth at one point. From then on, we haven’t gone a day without talking to each.

When he returned from a 6 month deployment, I quit my job and made the move to Kansas. Last month, we found out he will be leaving again for Kuwait on a 9 month tour.

how they asked: Kyle’s youngest brother goes to Clemson, his middle brother lives in Charleston, his parents are in Maryland and we are in Kansas. To get all the kids together, his parents planned a trip for us for the opening weekend of college football- something we all enjoy. Kyle and I were the first ones to get into town so his parents took us to downtown Greenville.

This means his mom and I would hit all the stores and Kyle and his dad would sit at the bar. After being spoiled rotten by his mom, we returned to meet the boys at a bistro that sits on the outskirts of Falls Park on the Reedy, a gorgeous lush park downtown. His Dad has always been particular over where they park their cars, so I didn’t think twice when both of his parents went to check the lot they had parked in.

Kyle insisted we take a walk in the park while we waited which is unlike him, but something I totally wanted to do so I chugged my beer and joined hands with him down the hill (I’m now thankful the photographer didn’t catch that lady-like moment). Kyle led me down the path to the most beautiful waterfall and landscape in Greenville with clammy hands and got down on one knee. We don’t remember a thing we said, and am still unsure that I actually said yes but I now have the most beautiful ring and fiancé in the world.

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The best part is, he pointed behind me and he had hired a photographer to capture the whole thing.

Photos by: Josh Jones