Katie and Kyle

Image 1 of Katie and Kyle

How We Met: January 10th 2k15. It was the best day. The weeks leading up to this day were full of anticipation and grumpy impatient Katie. I honestly felt so bad for Kyle, like really bad because when I want something I want it now!! But seriously the second I knew he was the one there was no turning back; no doubt no confusion. I wanted the whole world to know and I just wanted to show him off as my future hub. Everyone around me would always check my finger each day because I would literally talk about how bad I wanted it to happen, and I would always assume it was going to happen and then it wouldn’t. I even said one day he could ask me at Wal Mart and I’d scream yes at the top of my lungs!! The one day I wasn’t expecting it to happen because false clues were given to me it happened. THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!

So Kyle had my best friend Jillian call me last week to tell me that her husband won this sleigh ride and it was going to expire. She said they couldn’t use it because they just had a baby. I was so excited for me and Kyle to go on this date! Anytime we get together is special. So Kyle and I had this planned all week. In the back of my head I was like maybe this is when he’s going to ask me but then I thought wait that means I’ll have to wait all week ugh!! I was hoping he would do it earlier. Well the day before the sleigh ride came and I was honestly thinking yes it’s going to happen tomorrow; and then my favorite person in this world (besides Kyle) gave me some false clues that totally threw me off. She’s my favorite person because she was the one who set us up on our first blind date. Anyway at this point Kyle was seeing my grumpy side and we have yet to fight so I was trying hard to calm my impatient nerves.

So going into this date, I literally thought nothing was going to happen. Kyle picks me up and takes me up to the beautiful Deer Valley Resort. When we get there we walked out the back doors to this beautiful sleigh waiting for us with an amazing horse ready to take us on a romantic ride.

Image 2 of Katie and Kyle

The whole ride was amazing, I’ll never forget it. It was so unbelievably quiet and peaceful like no one else in the world was awake but us two. Ever since I met Kyle I always told him he feels like home. Like you know that feeling when you live away from home and you go home for a visit to be surrounded by your loved ones and you just feel safe there. That’s how I’ve always felt with Kyle and that’s how I felt on that ride. So as I noticed the ride coming to an end I asked Kyle “hey can we take a pic tonight?” Little did I know an Oborn paparazzi was awaiting us.

As we’re coming up the mountain I started to hear music playing but honestly thought nothing of it until I saw “MARRY ME” glowing in the distance. I instantly look over to Kyle and said “SHUT UP,” he sat there smiling at me. I think we were both speechless knowing our lives are about to change forever.

Image 7 of Katie and Kyle

Underneath the gazebo there was a table full of all my favorite pictures of us. Candles lighted the way and of course he had Diet Coke attached to red hearts and a Cinderella balloon which read, “A Night to Sparkle.” He knows my love of Disney too well.

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Image 5 of Katie and Kyle

Wait it gets better!!! I know right? He asked me to be his wife with “When you wish upon a star” playing in the background. Talk about a man who knows me.. I honestly think I said yes before he even got on his knee to ask. Shortly after I said yes, it started to snow. The whole night was perfect from start to finish!! Now I just feel like the luckiest girl in the world that I get to be his wife.

Image 6 of Katie and Kyle