Katie and Kyle

How We Met

How we met? Well…which time? I guess you could say that Kyle and I go way back. Way back to high school that is. However, we didn’t really KNOW each other that well back then. We had a class together, and I tried to get his math answers a few times but failed (Kyle has always had the brains in the relationship). Kyle and I reconnected in college at Sacramento State, where we would once again have class together, not once but TWO different semesters. This time I was after more then just his answers. In fact, my nick name, or code name for Kyle back then was “The love of my life”. Little did I know that one day I would be marrying him!

Timing always seemed to be against us, and during this short time of having classes together we stayed just friends. It wasn’t until a few months later I randomly heard from Kyle again. Kyle joined a fraternity and he decided to invite a few sisters (I too, was in a sorority) and I to a party that night. Now, we didn’t usually hang with this fraternity, but COME ON…”the love of my life” invited me! I had to go! Long story short, Kyle and I would share our first kiss that night. (Pictured below) Now I mentioned earlier that Kyle and I seemed to always have timing issues. Through a few tough years of “just being friends” our timing was finally right. One night Kyle and I were driving back to his place, and he asked if I could stop at the closest Safeway. It was extremely random, and also late at night. I thought it was odd but I did it anyway. Kyle ran into Safeway and came out with one single red rose. There in the parking lot of Safeway, Kyle asked if I would be his girlfriend, and accept his rose (We are big bachelor fans lol!). It was cute, and dorky, but perfect. Finally our timing was right, and our love story would continue to grow. After all, soulmates always end up together.

Proposal Ideas Yosemite National Park

how they asked

I had just completed my first year of teaching and Kyle suggested that we take a day trip to Yosemite that weekend. I absolutely love Yosemite, so it was easy to get me on board for a day adventure. Kyle and I are into hiking and I was officially on Summer vacation so it did not seem out of the ordinary to take a day trip. Little did I know that this would be the beginning of the biggest adventure of my life. Kyle had also invited one of our close friends Annabelle to join us for the day, and to take pictures.

Looking back and replaying the whole day in my head, Kyle was extremely calm. We got into Yosemite with no definite plan of what or where we were going to go. We knew we wanted to get up to Glacier Point, but due to the amount of people we couldn’t drive ourselves up. We decided to rule that out, and wait to go up to Glacier Point later in the day.

The closest trail heads up towards that way were Taft Point and Sentinel Dome. We decided we would take the shuttle up there and just decide once we arrived. While on the shuttle we got to talking to a couple. They had told us that both trails were beautiful but continued to suggest Sentinel Dome for its beautiful 360 degrees views. They had been coming to Yosemite for years, and it was kind of their place. So much that they shared how they got engaged in Yosemite! Kyle and Annabelle did everything in their power to not show much emotion in their faces to this comment, while me on the other hand was filled with so much joy for them! Clearly, I was pretty oblivious to everything that day.

We decided on hiking Sentinel Dome, where we definitely got those amazing views! Kyle wasted no time once we got to the top. He asked if I wanted to take a picture in front of Half Dome. Actually, his exact word were “Lets take a picture right here. This is a cute spot right?”

Cute? Kyle never used the word cute! I was still so amazed by the beauty around me that I managed to not even notice. I was starving and was ready for my sandwich, but would never say no to a perfect photo op in Yosemite! I stood there waiting for Kyle to walk over to me as he started to become extremely nervous and stand there awkwardly asking “Where is El Capitan?”

Katie and Kyle's Engagement in Yosemite National Park

He finally walked over and we took one picture looking at the camera, one facing Half Dome, and then…that’s where he started to tell me how much he loved me and how he loved adventuring with me. It didn’t hit me until Kyle turned from me and got down on one knee, pulled out a little box and asked me to be his adventure buddy for life!

Everything about this day was perfect. So perfect that I wish I could re-live it over and over again. Even the sweet little moment when he tried to put the ring on the wrong hand. :)

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