Katie and Kevin

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How We Met

Kevin and I met in the summer of 2011, his friend at the time was dating my friend and they wanted to hook us up. At the time, I just finished up my junior year at Eastern Washington University and wasn’t interested in meeting anyone new. That quickly changed when our friends arranged for us to meet, however, I was returning back to Spokane that weekend because I had accepted a summer job. That didn’t seem to stop Kevin because 4 hours later he was knocking on the door of my apartment in Cheney. Although I was 4 hours away and finishing up my senior year of college, Kevin made that drive at least 2-3 times a month, our long distance relationship taught us how to live apart, our second year taught us to live together, our third instilled a lifelong bond, our fourth defined what our life would be and now our 5th will be our first year as husband & wife.

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how they asked

October 18th, Kevin kneeled down in front of our close friends and family and he asked me to be his wife. It was thee most perfect day, it just so happened to be my birthday! Kevin had my friends drove in from Spokane, my uncle flew up from California and our closest friends and family spent the evening with us. Kevin, being the perfectionist that he is, had everything planned, from my friends spending the entire day with me to the speech he gave when professing his love. After spending the day with my girlfriends and visiting my parents, we came back to our apartment to get ready for dinner. As I was getting dressed, I could see my friends getting giddy and laughing and I assumed because they were having a good time, later I found out that Kevin had been stressing out and was getting so nervous he was about to propose to me in the bathroom. Thankfully he didn’t! Once we got to dinner, I felt the love radiating from all of our friends and family, Kevin then pulled me up to give his speech, I had my hand on his heart and I could feel how fast it was beating but I didn’t know why…he turned me so that we were facing our loved ones and got down on one knee; at that time I turned and looked at all the faces around me and saw pure happiness and joy beaming back at me, I knew at that moment something magical was about to happen.

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When he proposed and I was so in shock (and fascinated with the ring sparkling back at me) he had to say, “this is where you say yes…” I immediately jumped up and said YES!!!

Tears, hugs, kisses and congratulations followed.

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