Katie and Justin

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Door County, WI (cave point county park)

How We Met

Justin and I met on dun da da dahh….Tinder… both hesitantly on the site (because our friends signed us both up for it). Neither of us are super proud that is how we met simply because of the reputation of the app. He was actually the first person that i swiped right on because of his smile (He to this day loves that part of our story). We don’t tell many people that we met on tinder, just because it has been our little secret for so long. We chatted for quite a few months before we actually met, both of us to nervous to actually take the first step in meeting the other. After about 2 months of talking, and beginning to have some real feelings for this guy I had never met, I decided that I was going to make the drive up to finally meet him. ( He lived about an hour and a half away from me at the time). From the second I stepped out of my car in his driveway and moment my eyes locked with his, I knew that it was fate that we met on Tinder. How else can you explain it?

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Door County, WI (cave point county park)

how they asked

On June 24th, 2017 we went to Door County, WI to plan out driving route for Justin’s BMW rally the following September. As usual, I got us lost looking for a specific highway and we ended up at Cave Point County Park earlier than we had planned. Because it was my favorite spot in the area, we got out and explored. It was one of the first dry weekends this summer in Wisconsin so the park was packed and we couldn’t look out on Lake Michigan at all. So we walked and walked and walked until we were finally alone. (It was my one rule prior to the engagement).

We reached a point where we had been the year prior and got a great picture of Justin on top of the rocks looking out at the lake. He told me he wanted to recreate the picture with me. Confused, I turned around and there he was down on one knee. He asked me to be his co-pilot for all of our future adventures and I said yes. Less than 5 minutes after we left cave point it started pouring and it felt like fate wanted us there at that exact moment.