Katie and Justin

How We Met

We first met in 2013 at the Morristown St. Patrick’s Day Parade. This was a yearly tradition for Justin and his friends from FDU. At this time, I was living down the shore, but lucky enough I happened to be visiting a friend who invited me to the parade as well. Between the green beer and the green grilled cheeses, as Justin likes to say “I wouldn’t give him the time of day” while I like to rebuttal with “Your pick up lines weren’t good enough.”

Fast forward three years, Justin was throwing a New Years Eve party at his parents’ house. My friend invited me to come to join in the festivities. Justin and I ended up being partners all night for some games. As it turns out, it wasn’t by chance but a few sneaky friends who put us together. As the night went on we couldn’t be more beat! Again, turns out we had a few friends throwing some games intentionally to keep us together. From that night on everything just clicked and it wasn’t a matter of if… but when…

How They Asked

Justin made brunch plans for us with his best friend, Mozart, at Seabird in the West Village. Justin and I got out of the subway at West 4th and Justin called Mozart to let him know we were almost there which is when Mozart told Justin there was a change of plans and that we were going to a restaurant on the other side of Washington Square Park. Justin and I walked through the park and stopped at the fountain. Justin turned to me, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of COURSE, she said YES!

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Immediately after, Justin told me to turn around because he had a surprise guest waiting for me. I turned around only to find her best friend Deanna, who lives in Ohio, there taking photos of them and Justin’s best friend, Mozart, taking the video. The four of us celebrated with brunch the Justin sent me off with Deanna off to get my hair and makeup done for dinner later that night for the two of us. A few hours later, we showed up to Trattoria Dell’arte for our celebratory dinner. Justin took me into a private room where he surprised me AGAIN by having both of our families there to celebrate with us.

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It was the most perfect day we could have ever asked for.