Katie and Josh

How We Met

My fiancé and I met through the app tinder. I myself never thought I would find the one for me through an app but here I am. I am originally from California and moved to Minnesota in early 2018 and decided to make a tinder to just look and see and it wasn’t long before I met Josh. We had hit it off right away and talked every day until we met in May of 2018. He asked me out in September of 2018 and he asked me to be his wife January 2020! Still can’t believe it was an app that brought us together!

How They Asked

I had set my own proposal up without even knowing it. I had set a shoot up to teach Josh how to work a camera and shoot someone. I made the test subject his sister Angela and I, so it wouldn’t be awkward and so I could help teach and direct him as we went along. The first 30 minutes of the shoot was him shooting his sister and I being goofballs, but then he asked to take a few pictures with me and me being oblivious to what was going on I said “ummm duh” and he handed the camera to his sister! About two minutes after that he grabbed my hands and told me to smile at the camera and he then got on one knee and asked me to be his wife. It took me by surprise as I had set this whole thing up and I swear I said yes so fast I might of not even let him finish what he was saying! I couldn’t have imagined my proposal more magical than this!

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