Katie and Jordan

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How we met, told by Katie

Jordan and I met my sophomore year of high school. It was days before summer break. We spent our first few days going to Memorial Day cookouts, graduation party’s and at the golf course! Our first date was to Andolini’s pizza, ah…young love! Jordan asked me to be his girlfriend on May 31, 2008 by writing it on the window of my car “Will you go out with me”! It was the sweetest thing I’d ever seen in my 15 years!

Jordan was busy with golf and I was wrapped up in cheerleading so we just spent time together from time to time in 2008! We continued dating through high school. We celebrated life’s greatest achievements together! High school graduations, college acceptances, winning homecoming, prom! We literally grew up together! In 2011 we both decided to attend USC. Jordan majored in Civil Engineering and me in Early Childhood Education. We spent our weekends at footballs games, (Go Gamecocks!!!) exploring Columbia and always coming home to the Holy City!

In 2014 Jordan and I both graduated with honors from THE University of South Carolina. We packed up our apartments and moved home! I started my career as a First Grade teacher in August of 2014 and Jordan began his career as a Civil Engineer in September 2014!

Jordan and I have grown up together. We have gone through so many stages of life, together. We have experienced some tragic events and also some of our most exciting life experiences. Our love is so special because we have grown from young teenagers to adults! We have had each other’s back the whole way and we will continue. Our love continues to grow as we do!
Thank you Jeanne for capturing the most beautiful moment of my life.

The proposal, told by Jordan

After 7 years of dating there was a mutual understanding between us that we would be together and we loved each other like a couple that were married had love for each other. For Katie and everyone else that is in our lives it was no longer about if Katie and I were going to take the next step in our relationship (which is to get engaged) but when. So the clock was ticking and the question “so when are you going to propose?” became ever frequent. That put me in a strategic disadvantage when I began the process of planning the engagement because I always viewed the process as being a complete surprise with Katie having no idea that anything like that would occur. To make sure that Katie had no idea that anything was going on and to make her believe that I was not going to propose for quite a while. I told her on our 7th anniversary that I loved her very much and that I did not want to take anything away from my sister Jade’s wedding (which is November 1st of this year), so I would not propose before then, even though I had already cleared it with Jade that it was perfectly fine to before. Katie didn’t think too highly of that decision that I made (wink wink). So then I was in the driver seat, Katie now thinks I’m the worst boyfriend in the world but I’ll now be able to throw this surprise proposal and she will be totally blind sided and surprise (which is the way it should be in my opinion). A little time passes after that and I buy the ring in the middle of June. With Katie still not liking the idea of waiting until after Jade’s wedding she question’s “why do we have to wait?”. In her view point Jade would not care and she thought that I was being crazy (little does she know I have this ring that’s burning a hole through my pocket that I’m going to give her and a great surprise engagement, but if she does not shut it down I’m going to give it to her while we are watching House of Cards on this Wednesday afternoon).


So what is will this great surprise proposal consist of? First, you have to pick a date. Looking at a few dates I talked to my mom to see what she though on a few dates then she brought up the fact that Jade would be in town Labor Day weekend and she would be leaving the Monday of labor day so we could say we are taking her out the night before she heads out. Sunday it is! Perfect, we would be busy, Katie would be focused on loose ends that needed to be taken care of on Jades wedding and this would render her completely oblivious to any weird nuances of the coming surprise. Next, what is the flavor you want of the engagement? Since Katie and I are very family and friend oriented people I wanted all close family and friends that can make it there to be there to celebrate with us and enjoy life together on such a great occasion. To implement this part of the plan was by far the hardest part. Being that I planned everything on a holiday weekend I did not want to let everyone know too late to where they would make plans and not be able to make it but not too soon to where maybe people would not act normal while around Katie. Since this was tough one I decided everyone in town I would let them know 2 weeks ahead of town and everyone out of town (her dad) I would let know 1 month before hoping that that would work. Ended up working out perfectly. The next thing I needed to decide was what would be the perfect location. This was by far the easiest part. Katie LOVES rooftop bars, easy the Pavilion rooftop bar. Lastly, the one thing that Katie always had said when talking about getting engaged was that she wanted a photographer to catch the moment of the proposal. So, my sister Jade reached out to Jeanne Mitchum, who is doing her wedding photography, to see if she could do the photography for us. Jeanne was available to and did an awesome job.

The day of…

Everyone that I had invited to come and celebrate with us was asking me “ are you nervous?”, I would say “ of course I’m not nervous!” like a macho guy. The Sunday day of the engagement came and it was a very different story. I was super nervous and I was not the only one. My family (Dad, Mom, Jade and Bowlin) were all super nervous. Long story short we went out the eat that night and the plan was after dinner to go grab a drink at Pavilion for a send off for Jade and Matt. One thing bad about a rooftop bar, no protection from rain. Just guess, yes it was raining. So Katie was saying things at dinner like “Oh instead of the rooftop bar since it’s raining we should do x,y, or z”. Uh oh, I saved it by saying “oh it will clear out you know how Charleston weather is.”

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So we leave dinner and head to Pavilion where all of the close family and friends are waiting. We turn the corner and my entire life changed. Katie saw our friends, our families, her dad! I told Katie why I loved her and why I wanted her to be my wife.

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Without hesitation she said “YES!” We celebrated with our families for hours after and enjoyed the first few hours of our future! Everything turned out better than I could of expected and I could not be happier of my decision. Then we lived happily ever after…

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Special Thanks

Jeanne Mitchum
 | Photographer