Katie and Johnny

Katie and John E's Engagement in Galapagos Islands

How We Met

Johnny and I met in the winter of 2010. My two older sisters met him first and immediately told me, “So there is this guy that you have to meet.” I shrugged it off at first, but eventually we met up with some friends to shoot some pool. During our game, Johnny and I were making undeniable googly eyes at each other. We hit it off and played it cool for a couple months until we decided to make our relationship official. He is a good ol country boy from Yakima while I grew up in the city with a hippy heart. We bond over our love for the outdoors and adrenaline filled adventures. We have also found that we make a good team when traveling together. We have enjoyed exploring Canada, Costa Rica, Fiji, Australia, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. Our next stop will be in Iceland for our honeymoon!

Katie's Proposal in Galapagos Islands

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Galapagos Islands

how they asked

Johnny, my now fiancé, and I were on a scuba diving trip in the Galápagos Islands. On our last day of diving, as we started to end the dive at about 35 feet, we found ourselves on a sandy area that had a fish ball with sea lions swimming through it. (Fish ball…Think underwater tornado of small fish that separates when you swim through it. Like on Finding Nemo). All of a sudden, my hunny whips out a laminated sign that reads, “Katie Stokes will you marry me?”. From his wetsuit, he pulled out a big plastic green ring that he bought on the islands. (Green is my favorite color and we had to wear gloves underwater). While diving, it’s all charades underwater so there is no signal for “Yes”. Instead, I gave the “Ok” and then signaled “cool”. We kissed underwater and then made our assent to happily ever after. When we returned to the states, he gave me my diamond ring :)