Katie and John

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How We Met

We connected on dating app, Tinder, back in Summer 2014, and quickly bonded over mutual friends (including one of my college roommates and bridesmaids, who went to high school with John), a passion for creative advertising, a mutual connection to non-profit, Tuesday’s Children, and a love for London, where I studied abroad in Fall 2009 and John studied abroad in Spring 2010 (John even frequently hung out at my old flat there!). Our first date at Salvation Taco in NYC included many tacos (it was Taco Tuesday after all) and many competitive ping pong matches, where we stayed so late, we shut the restaurant down. This was the final meeting of many missed connections along the way that would begin our new chapter together.

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From originally living in different states (John in NJ, myself in NY), to John “convincing” me to move to the other side of the Hudson to Hoboken together, to moving across the country to LA, we’ve been through it all together (except getting a golden retriever puppy, despite my utmost persistence the past six years). When we’re not professional wedding guests (we no joke have been to 40+ together), we love to travel, adventure outdoors, give back to the community, spend time with friends and family, and cheer on our favorite sports teams (Katie’s even converted John to a Tar Heel fan) together.

How They Asked

We planned a trip to Big Sur with good friends of ours over Thanksgiving Weekend 2019 so we could have an epic long weekend to explore everything the area has to offer. I’m a natural planner and made an itinerary for the weekend for all of us to maximize our time there. It wasn’t easy to get me off schedule, but after some convincing, John and my friends convinced us to go off the itinerary to explore Sand Dollar Beach (a hidden gem) at sunset. As our friends distracted me, John set up a beach blanket and GoPro to time-lapse.

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As he called us all over to have some wine, he got down on one knee! With all the excitement (and maybe nervousness), John quickly stood up after giving his proposal speech to me and forgot to ask me to marry him! He quickly got back down on one knee (a second time) to ask the much anticipated, “Will you marry me?,” which I ecstatically said yes (after several oh my gods!) to.

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Don’t worry though – both proposals were captured on the GoPro time-lapse! The ring designer Katie liked even combined our initials together. We celebrated with our friends (with a custom Veuve bottle John created for the occasion) on the beach that night and in the Big Sur area the rest of the weekend, followed by continued month-long coast-to-coast celebrations (we’re from the east coast and live in LA). It was a perfect month to start off the rest of our lives.

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Special Thanks

Dana Garcia
 | Planning
Eddy Garcia
 | Photographer